Kate McKinnon and Dan Levy Need a Sitcom, Judging by Their Hilarious Tostitos Ad

Dipping into improv for Habanero chips

"For me, the spice is pelvicular," says actor/comedian Dan Levy, rolling his hips maniacally to illustrate the bold taste of Tostitos Habanero.

Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon concurs on the hotness of the chips, but prefers soap-opera theatrics to capture the essence of their flavor.

"For me, I think it's ... it's drama," she says. "It's, 'Victor, I'm leaving!' That sort of level of spicy."

The pair carry on thusly for more than a minute in the amusing ad below, each trying to out-do the other.

Tostitos | 'One Upper' with Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon

At one point, Levy whips out his phone.

Dan: "It's like that."

Kate (checks the screen): "Haaatch! That is spicy. Wow wow wow wow!"

Dan (proudly): Yes.

Their comic stylings reinforce the Frito-Lay brand's positing as a great snack to share with friends, especially with Covid-19 vaccines getting into more arms every day and social get-togethers on the rise.

"Given the physical nature of the script, their ability to put the whole of themselves into each joke and interaction made them perfect for the campaign," says Eamonn Dixon, creative director at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, which developed the campaign with Moxie Pictures director Martin Granger.

McKinnon and Levy bonded the week prior to the shoot, when the latter hosted SNL, helping them generate some extra chemistry and comic oomph for the commercial, Dixon says.

Though scripted, "we made sure to leave enough time for them to play," notes Stefan Copiz, also a Goodby CD. "And of course, that's when most of the magic happened. After two days of non-stop improv, we had enough footage to launch a comedy mini-series for Tostitos. Which was both a blessing and a curse in the edit—how do you fit this into a 30-second commercial?"

McKinnon and Levy assisted the team in that regard, helping them edit and tweak the final product.

The first commercial breaks on TV and online this weekend, while a second outing will focus on alerting friends to salsa stains on their shirts. (Through manic hand gestures, saucy one-liners and bizarre gyrations, no doubt.)


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Air Date(#2): 4/3/21 
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