Jane Lynch and Lego Say: 'Play Is Your Superpower'

It's a heroic experience—and the film's playable

In a rollicking long-form spot that tweaks Hollywood blockbuster tropes, Lego turns a drab "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" into a magical experience for a bunch of youngsters.

The 5-minute film, created by Droga5 Dublin and Lego's in-house team OLA, follows a half-dozen tykes as they elude pursuers amid cubicles, conference room and office canteens—thanks largely to Legos, of course.

In the end, they come face to face with none other than Jane Lynch, who channels 007 supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld while stroking a cat made from the company's iconic bricks.

But there's a final twist, and the plot comes together like the toymaker's colorful, intricate models.

Jane was on their side all along! She even breaks the fourth wall to tell the audience: "Play Is Your Superpower." 

It's a sweet, sweeping message, impressively staged by director Ellen Kuras, and brimming with fun bits, notably a lengthy segment where the cast defies gravity. The narrative speaks to kids of all ages by appealing to our shared sense of fun and adventure. At one time or other, we all indulge in wild fantasies during our workday grind. (I imagine I'm Blofeld. TMI?)

"We believe play helps children develop skills like creativity, confidence and communication that helps them learn and thrive today and in the future," says Lego CMO Julia Goldin.

So, fittingly, the ad itself is playable. Versions on Lego.com and the Lego Life app prompt viewers to participate.

“Our creative team were on a mission to develop a big campaign idea that would be able to span from fall, right through to the holidays—and 'Play Is Your Superpower' is exactly that," says Droga5 Dublin CCO Jen Spears.

"Of course, the only way to launch an idea like this was with a brand film that mimics a true superhero epic and opens people's eyes to the wonders of play, which has actual ways to play hidden inside," she adds. "We're proud to have created a piece that features a line-up of diverse young talent that will empower both kids and adults to approach life in a more playful way and are excited to watch it unfold."

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