Jack Box Goes Big Brother, Turns Haters Into Believers

He sees all, he knows all

Jack Box is everywhere. He's watching. He needs you to BELIEVE!

QSR's creepiest mascot channels George Orwell's 1984, surveilling unsuspecting Jack In the Box naysayers in a fun (and vaguely dystopian) campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A.

So, by the end of the :90, hate is love?

We already know the answer. Or there'd be no commercial.

Still, the sight of Jack pouring over a bank of monitors and strutting out to meet the subjects is worth the price of admission.

Jack in the Box | Smash the Haters

Dude was born to play Big Brother. He's not even acting!

"To find the Jack in the Box haters, we reached out to fast-food fans through a third party under the guise of market research and elicited comments about brands they do and don’t love, encouraging them to be specific," agency creative director Jeff O'Keefe tells Muse. "We made sure to cover our tracks, keeping the brand and our intentions secret the entire time."

"When the first hater walked in, we were all huddled in the control room holding our breath—even Jack," recalls senior art director Jake Roberts. "It was a huge relief when she took the first bite and loved the burger. Silent cheers all around. That really set the tone for the rest of the shoot."

The participants' reactions are priceless, too. They're like: Oh s**t, it's Jack! 

Damn straight. Now, you want fries with that?

TBWA\C\D worked with DOMO director Jonathan Klein and Small Girls PR on the launch, which includes edits of the hero film, plus OOH, radio and social outreach.

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