Immortalize Life's Moments as Keepsakes, Says Shutterfly's Eye-Catching Campaign

Mischief crafts 'Make It a Thing'

"When your co-worker thinks Alaska is an island, make it a thing," Shutterfly suggests in a new brand campaign, its first major outing with agency partner Mischief @ No Fixed Address.

The "thing" in this case is a coffee mug, created on the photo-products platform and presented to a colleague for his birthday.

Island of Alaska | Make It A Thing | Shutterfly

Say something awkward, and it winds up on a mug. But everyone's in on the joke, so you'll treasure the memory and memento forever. Tagged "Make It a Thing" and launching today for the holiday season, ads invite users to turn life's everyday experiences and embarrassing moments into tangible keepsakes.

That's a sweet conceit, and it signals an expanded emphasis on personalized merchandise in the wake of Shutterfly's August acquisition of Spoonflower, a provider of custom fabrics, wallpaper and assorted housewares.

In some spots, Reset director Henry Scholfield employs a single-take style that serves Shutterfly's theme especially well. The smooth flow suggests a seamless transformation of events into souvenirs—and keeps viewers' eyeballs engaged.

Below, the tumult surrounding a broken arm makes for a memorable photo tile:

Broken Arm | Make It A Thing | Shutterfly

Next, a road trip gone awry yields an amusing flip-book:

Girls’ Trip | Make It A Thing | Shutterfly

How about a blanket commemorating the day you first shared a toothbrush with your better half?

Anniversary | Make It A Thing | Shutterfly

"We know that the majority of customers are more likely to purchase when brands offer personalized experiences, and this is even more true with younger audiences," Shutterfly CMO Craig Rowley tells Muse. "We also did extensive customer  research, and it signaled a  rich territory for us in the space of 'being a creator.' "

"Every item made with Shutterfly has a backstory—that's what makes it truly valuable," adds Mischief CCO and co-founder Greg Hahn. "We wanted to bring that idea to life with a platform that could stretch across all types of media."

Along with mainstream TV, Shutterfly will focus on streaming video and social outreach, with a strong presence on Snapchat and TikTok.

Shutterfly Loops

Overall, the brand seeks to "shifts the paradigm  from the what you can make on Shutterfly to the emotional benefit of creation and self-expression—why you make it, for whom, when and how," Rowley says. "It's not just about the things you make, it's the meaning that is captured as you make them."


Client: Shutterfly
Craig Rowley, Chief Marketing Officer
Janet Roller, VP Brand, Marketing & Consumer Insights
Kristen Goldberg, Senior Director, Brand Marketing & Planning
Lindsay Lunderby, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing
Abby Smith, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist
Alison Gretz, VP, Creative & Design
Lindsay Little, Creative Director
Emily Zaborniak, Creative Director

Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Greg Hahn, Chief Creative Officer
Kevin Mulroy, Partner & Executive Creative Director
Bianca Guimaraes, Partner & Executive Creative Director
Tanner Thompson, Art Director
Dana Buckhorn, Copywriter
Will Dempster, EVP, Production
Danielle Balanov, Integrated Producer
Kevin Tian, Video Editor, Content
Jeff McCrory, Chief Strategy Officer
Nimisha Jain, Head of Strategy
Jimmy George, Strategy Director
Kerry McKibbin, President
Alison Whisenant, Account Director
Lauren Tolbert, Business Manager
Oliver McAteer, Director of Development

Production - Reset
Director: Henry Scholfield
Managing Director: Dave Morrison
Executive Producer: Jen Beitler
Producer: Kristin Porter
DP: Pat Aldinger
PD: Malin Lindholm

Edit - Final Cut
Sam Bould: Editor
Lucas Moesch: Assistant Editor
Penny Ensley: Producer
Sarah Roebuck: Executive Producer
Justin Brukman: Managing Director

VFX - Mathematic
CEO: Guillaume Marien
Executive Producer: Guillaume Audibet
Post Producer: Jason Bartnett
COO: Beatrice Le Mennec
Set Supervisor: Alex Maldonado
Previz / Techviz: Pili / Laurent Larapidie, Dane Armour
General And Flame Supervisor: Clement Germain
Cgi Supervisor: Yann Aldabe
Flame Artists: Clement Germain, Hugo Aymerrich, Michael Bianchi, Greg Landois, Cyril, Sozzi, Samuel Roux
CGI Artists: Morgane Constanini, Clarisse Tronchon, Lucas Benoit

Sound - Grayson Music
Voice Director: Mark Domitric
Music Supervisor: Rich Hamilton
Sound Engineers: Brian Bernard/Chris Masson
Composer: Ryan McLarnon
Sound Designer: Ben Swarbrick
Producer: Nicholas Shaw

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