Ikea's New Global Mantra: 'Do Try This at Home'

McCann's debut for the iconic brand

Some stuff you simply shouldn't attempt at home. Like dangerous stunts and risky antics that generate squinty warnings across the bottoms of ads. DO. NOT. TRY.

But plenty of activities are OK. Safe stuff. Silly stuff. Video-gaming to your heart's content. Refusing to follow recipes. Showing off for friends—within reason. Oh, the harmless mischief!

Those pastimes and more feature in Ikea's new global vision of indoor bliss. 

Devised by McCann Spain, the work tells viewers, "Do Try This at Home," in comfy-cozy commercials that begin rolling out today in Belgium, Italy and Finland.

Ikea | Do Try This at Home

So, every house can be a playhouse sometimes, a space for fun and fulfillment, offering respite from the stressful world.

That approach feels basic yet timeless, to say the least. Such strategy probably makes sense for a  diverse, mainstream audience based on Ikea data that shows:

  •  60 percent of people feel positive about their current life at home.
  •  52 percent say home is their favorite place.
  •  40 percent are worried about household finances and disposable income.

So, maybe hold off on buying another PAX Wardrobe, save a few bucks?

Joking, of course. Some wags might also suggest that trying to assemble Ikea furniture won't bring you much joy. Everyone's a comedian.

The campaign attempts to "elevate the role of the home from that of mere container of our lives to that of enabler of our dreams," Emiliano González De Pietri, CCO at McCann Worldgroup Spain.

In coming weeks, the initiative will expand to the U.S., U.K., and markets across Europe and Asia.

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