Ikea Canada's New Ad Combines Footage from Ikea Ads Shot Around the World

A look at what we've learned during lockdown

A new Ikea Canada commercial focuses on lessons learned from staying at home during the coronavirus lockdowns. Developed with creative agency Rethink, the spot combines snippets of Ikea ads that appeared in various global markets, such as Belgium, Italy, Germany, the U.K. and Greece.

"The Middle," a folky, reassuring tune from alt-rockers Jimmy Eat World, runs under scenes of family fun, redecorating, bang-trims, DIY projects and the WFH new normal.


Those disparate scenes are so harmonious, it's as if the film were produced as a single new piece of work. Given the current world situation, Ikea's homey message transcends cultural borders and really resonates.

An extension of the Swedish furniture chain's "Make the Most of Home" campaign introduced in April, the spot strives to "take a reflective but optimistic look at the many new roles that home is playing, while also looking forward to the possibilities of the future," client marketing head Johanna Andren tells Muse. "We want to demonstrate that Ikea is here for Canadians, particularly those with thinner wallets, during these challenging times."

"Home Lessons" also displays the brand's commitment to sustainability, with scenes of vegetable gardens and solar-panel installation. The brand encourages Canadians to share what they've learned during lockdown, and will feature some of those lessons via social, digital, in-store and out-of-home campaigns.

"While these have been incredibly challenging times for many, they have also sparked new possibilities and truly enabled all of us to reflect on what's most important," Andren says.

In recent months, Ikea and Rethink have crafted campaigns in a broad range of styles. Compare the new work's contemplative tone to the effects-driven whimsy of "Stuff Monster" or the fairy-tale ambiance of "The Wardrobe." And the team took an ironic, environmentally conscious approach for their sequel to Ikea's iconic "Lamp" commercial. 

Here'a a run-down of the footage used in "Home Lessons," in order of appearance:

• Ikea Global; Make Room for Life; Agency: ACNE/Ikea Creative Hub
• Ikea Belgium; Skate; Agency: DDB Brussels
• Ikea UK; Silence the Critics; Agency: Mother London
• Ikea Canada; Magic Man; Agency: Rethink
• Ikea Italy; #RipartiamoDaCasa; Agency: DDB Group Italy
• Ikea Canada; Bottled; Agency: Rethink
• Ikea Greece; More Houses; Agency: Foss Productions
• Ikea Germany and IKEA Switzerland; Fill Your Life with Home; Agency: Vice
• Ikea Canada; Wonderful World; Agency: Rethink
• Ikea Canada; Make Every Second Count; Agency: Leo Burnett


Title: Home Lessons
Client: Ikea
Creative Director: Aaron Starkman
Associate Creative Director: Skye Deluz, Naeem Ghafari
Art Director: Skye Deluz
Writer: Naeem Ghafari
Strategist: Stacy Ross, Sean McDonald
Broadcast Producer (in house): Spencer Houghton, Alex Butt
Editor: Steven Parker
Post Production House / Online: R&D Productions
Grading: Alter Ego
Audio House: Vapor-RMW Music Licensing: Music Rights Clearance
Account Services: Sarah Riedlinger
Client: Johanna Andren (CMO), Lena Dukic (Brand Director), Jacqueline Wark (Marketing Comms Leader), Carolyn Thrasher (Marketing Comms Specialist)
Client Email/Phone:
Partner Agency
Media: Carat

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