IHOP Says Its Burgers Are Pancakes in Sequel to Last Year's IHOb Prank

Droga5 does Orwell proud

War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Hamburgers are pancakes. 

Following up on last year's cause célèbre "rebranding" of IHOP as "IHOb," which drew attention to its hamburgers, the restaurant chain today drops an oddly Orwellian campaign that insists, despite ample evidence to the contrary, that its Black Angus burgers are, in fact, really and truly … pancakes. 

Created by Droga5, the IHOb initiative helped the chain boost burger sales. Even so, some folks disapproved, and the effort sparked significant debate, especially among pancake purists on social media. 

In this first spot of the sequel, spokeswoman Jhey Castles explains in no uncertain terms that a burger is a pancake, and IHOP won't tolerate any dissent on the subject: 

IHOP | Introducing our New Pancakes

"Pancakes pancakes pancakes!" That tagline says it all.

Next, we meet a hamburger mascot named (what else?) Mr. Pancake:

IHOP | Mr. Pancake

One of the burgers (er, pancakes?) in this last ad actually boasts a flapjack between its buns: 

IHOP | Look At Those Pancakes

Driving into Nixonian territory, IHOP even compiled an "enemies" list of Twitter users who dissed the name change. Tweeting nice stuff about IHOP can get you off the list. (Here's an image of Tricky Dick—who never removed anyone from his enemies list, by the way—with pancakes pancakes pancakes on his head.) 

IHOP marketing chief Brad Haley describes this playful/creepy digital experience as a way to "engage last year's naysayers and convert haters into eaters."

Of course, the whole concept is played for laughs. It's utterly ridiculous, and that's the point. Still, the approach seems eerily attuned to our post-truth/fake-news/alternative-facts landscape. That dollop of contextual sauce provides an extra kick, and could satisfy the brand's hunger for buzz.

"There are no dark forces at work—it's all in good fun," Droga5 creative director Dan Kelly tells Muse. "We knew we wanted to do something this year that acknowledged IHOb, but felt strongly that it had to be clever enough to stand on its own. For us, this campaign was just a provocative and playfully defiant way to respond to the thousands of people who demanded that we 'stick to pancakes!' We're taking their feedback and listening—and in some ways, not listening at all."

Directing duo The Bobbsey Twins, working with Robert Yeoman (Wes Anderson's director of photography), achieve a quirky comic tone, while Castles shines (and kind of scares us) with her tightly wound officiousness.

"I'm not sure I've ever laughed that much on set," Kelly says. "By the end of the day, everyone was calling each other and everything around them 'pancake.' "


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