Hornbach's Human Caterpillar Ad Is Just So Icky

Now that he's born, DIY projects await!

You writhe and strain to break free from your cocoon, spitting up slime and gasping in the sweet spring air. Now, pull yourself up from the grass, wipe away the muck and race to fulfill your destiny!

Which consists of taking on a DIY project, apparently. So, head to Hornbach for hammers, nails, rakes or whatever.

But first, you might want to take a shower.

Hornbach | Every Spring, a New Beginning

That was uncomfortably icky. And yet, it's impossible to turn away.

Well played, HeimatTBWA in Berlin! You've turned our tummy a bit. But this work emerges as one of the most notably weird commercials in recent memory. (The client-agency team has a history with the strange visuals and surreal situations.)

Traktor directed through Stink Films. The spot breaks today across European markets.

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