Hold My Beer? Dole Prefers 'Hold My Fruit Bowl' in Comic Ads

A look at Erich & Kallman's new spots

Dole's fruit bowls are described as nutritious and empowering snacks for kids in a campaign sporting a tagline that riffs off the popular "Hold My Beer" meme. 

Created by agency Erich & Kallman, "Hold My Fruit Bowl" spotlights kids doing exceptional things after they've snacked on fruit bowls.

In one spot, a camping troop is lost in the woods. When an overzealous camper attempts to take the lead, another member says "Hold my fruit bowl," proceeds to call and communicate with a hawk and gets the coordinates back to safety.

Dole Fruit Bowls | Lost

"No one skips rocks like dad" remarks a father, who is then promptly schooled in the pastime by his fruit bowl-eating daughter, in a second spot.

Dole Fruit Bowls | Skip

"We tasked Erich & Kallman to come up with a creative concept that was playful, inspirational and promoted our fruit bowls as convenient, nutritious snacks," says Orzse Hodi, VP of marketing, Americas, at Dole Packaged Foods. "When they presented the concept, it was love at first sight."

The campaign runs through March on network TV, digital channels and social media. "Our goal is to inspire youth and show them anything is possible, especially when they fuel up with nutritious snacks," Hodi tells Muse. "We hope this campaign not only brings a smile to kids and their parents, but also encourages them to incorporate more fruit and healthy snacks into their diet."


Creative – Erich and Kallman
Paid – Spark
Social – Highwide and Handsome
Public Relations – Peppercomm 

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