Happy Tears Are Shed Now That KFC Has Onion Rings

Pass a napkin, some Kleenex, anything!

The joy of crispy onion rings elicits happy tears from satisfied customers in Courage's latest work for KFC Canada. 

The work campaigns includes TV and OOH. And you won't find a dry eye in the house.

A :30, directed by Nikki Ormerod, begins with a chef crying as he slices onions. Soon, an operatic soundtrack kicks in as various customers gobble rings and get emotional.

KFC Canada | Tears Of Joy

It doesn't end there. A series of OOH ads ask "Who's cutting onions?" as consumers tear into their onion rings while shedding a tear. These followed a social teaser campaign where influencers found a lone onion ring in their order of KFC fries.

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"The music was composed by our audio partners over at Vapor Music," says Joel Holtby, founder and co-CCO of Courage. "We fell in love with the track, specifically how the singer hits the 'OOOOO' at the introduction of the onion ring. The operatic approach felt fresh and dialed up the emotive humor of the film."


Agency (Courage Inc)
Dhaval Bhatt: Founder + CCO
Joel Holtby: Founder + CCO
Tom Kenny: Partner + CSO
Niki Sahni: Partner + President
Lyndsey Westfall: Senior Strategist
Matt Miller: Associate Creative Director
Tommy Yong: Associate Creative Director
Emma Lorenzi: Writer
Sammy Lo: Art Director
Alex Karayannides: Group Account Director
Kyron Sobers: Account Director
Atria Ghosh: Account Supervisor
Zoe Fetsis: Account Coordinator
Clair Galea: Executive Producer
Rachel D’Ercole: Agency Producer

Production (Undivided)
Executive Producer: Scott Houghton
Line Producer  Scott Houghton
Director: Nikki Ormerod
Director of Photography: Andre Pienaar
Assistant Director: Bailey Abercrombie
PM: Brandon Pitt
Coordinator:Tyler Klementti
1st AC: Mike Dawson
2nd AC: Dorian Findlay
DIT: Ryan Alexander
VTR Operator: Jeremy Bugden
Set Designer: Nicole Billark
Buyer: Thalia Hoxford
Prop Master: Jamie Fleming
Gaffer: Eddy Mikolic
Best Boy Electric: Vasco Silva
Electric: Liam Stewart
Electric: Brandon Lee
Package Truck: Rich Pryce
Key Grip: Christian Drennan
Best Boy Grip: Tien Dong
Grip: Tracy Shaw
Grip: Jerry Romenko
Food Stylist: Nicole Young
2nd Food Stylist Asst: John Kruusi
3rd Food Stylist Asst: Kelly Jabazz
Main Dish Driver: Adrian Mizzi
Wardrobe Stylist: Julia DeBartolo
Make Up: Samantha Pickles
Continuity: Gwen Wellman
Location Manager: John Dranski
PA: Levi Albert
PA: Levi Bosch
PA: Max Carey
PA: Ofer Weis
Craft Service: Mitchel Campos
Craft Service: Ammar Kapasi

MiLO Casting
Casting Director: Stephen Milo
Production Manager: Shannon Faria

Offline Editorial
Barbershop Editing
Editor: David James Findlay

Transfer + Online + VFX
Alter Ego
Colourist: Lily Henry
Colour Assistant: Vika Svishchova
Lead Flame Artist: Sebastian Boros
Flame Assistant: Melany McEachern
Post Production Coordinator: Sam Omand
Executive Producers: Hilda Pereira
Producer: Mariya Guzova

Vapor Music
Creative Director: Ted Rosnick
Voice Director: Ted Rosnick
Engineer: Julian Rudd
Sound Design: Kevin Chamberlain
Executive Producer: Lindsey Bates
Producer: Matilde Mata

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