Guinness Hands Its Instagram to Nick Offerman for a 'Countdown to St. Patrick's Day'

A whole month of tips, tricks, trivia and more

Guinness has a history of decent St. Patrick's Day advertising. But this year it's going the comedic route by enlisting Nick Offerman to appear in a monthlong content series on Instagram counting down to the fabled March 17. 

The series began Monday (Feb. 17) with a kooky unboxing video, in which the Parks and Rec actor, clad in an adult-size shamrock onesie, leaped into a giant wooden crate and emerged with a Guinness pint glass. 

Guinness US | Countdown to St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday's video was oddly Offerman-free. Still, we are promised that the official "Guinness Countdown to St. Patrick's Day" will feature "daily reveals of tips, tricks, trivia and suggestions on everything from how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness to what foods pair best with that pint to how to give an authentic Irish toast and much, much more."

"Look, St. Patrick's Day is easily the best of the holidays, and I will brook no argument to that assertion," Offerman said in a statement. "The charismatic folks at Guinness know a thing or two about how to celebrate my favorite day. You'll be able to see it all on Instagram, but if I had to nutshell it, I'd say gather with your family and your friends, both old and new. Eat some delicious meats, like corned beef—straight up or in a hash—wash it down with a pint of Guinness, then wash the Guinness down with some more corned beef. A glass or two of water along the way never hurt, either."

Guinness has also unveiled a collaboration with Carhartt, featuring various apparel, from tees to hoodies to hats and more. 

"The countdown to March 17 is on, and we hope our own countdown can add a little something to the St. Patrick's Day experience," said Guinness brand director Nikhil Shah. "As long as you're celebrating with a Guinness and the people you love, and having a good safe time, you can't go wrong."

Offerman has pitched alcohol brands before, most notably having shot a 45-minute yule-log video for Scotch whisky Lagavulin. 

Tim Nudd
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