Go RVing Canada Wants to Help You Find Yourself

The real you is out there

GO RVing Canada leads us on an intense chase through the wilderness as a middle-aged white-collar type throws off his 9-to-5 chains and goes searching for himself. That would be his better self, his inner self, not the repressed, uptight human ground down by modern life.

Developed by Broken Heart Love Affair, a two-and-half-minute film takes the concept quite literally. This dude relentlessly pursues an elusive quarry—himself!—through dense forests, raging rapids and rugged ravines.

Seeing two identical guys on screen provides an arresting visual metaphor, while José González's yearning acoustic soundtrack artfully supports Natalie Rae's evocative direction, which builds tension with each change of scene.

"We are all explorers, motivated by wanderlust, and our most powerful memories tend to be of the moments shared with loved ones, of discovery, of places that fill us with awe and wonder," says Go RVing president Chris Mahony. "This is where the magic lies. Big or small, these moments enrich our lives."

Fair enough, and the initiative finds a fresh way to present familiar tropes. It's an overworked notion, so to speak, but one that resonates beyond cliche because so many folks live the office-drone existence. If the film seems a tad overwrought or histrionic, well, that's how cube jockeys feel most days.

The work's spiritually akin to Destination Canada's recent campaign. Though the latter rocks a playful vibe, while Go RVing's hero rolls around in the muck and howls at the sky like an animal. (Bro needs to get away more!)

Rae and her team filmed for two days in Calgary and the rugged Kananaskis mountain range.

"This spot relied on an incredibly subtle, internal and at the same time ferocious performance by the actor, Troy Greenwood," Rae tells Muse. "Every take was a mission—running through mountains and rivers, bursting into tears, ripping his pants—and always coming up with unexpected moments to bring wildness and humor to his [character's] tragedy."

"The final scene, acting as both selves with freezing water temperature, was really tough," she recalls. "Every couple takes we had to warm him up. The performance he was able to deliver, despite the conditions, is unbelievable. His double was also such a positive force, working through the intensity of it all and being a great counterpoint for Troy." 

"It was the closest experience to a short film passion project in a commercial I've experienced," Rae says.


Campaign Title: Find Your Wildhood
Client: Go RVing Canada
President: Chris Mahony
Director, Digital Strategy: Cyrus Irani
Content Marketing & Communications Manager: Julia Bouterakos

Agency: Broken Heart Love Affair
Chief Creative Officers: Todd Mackie, Denise Rossetto, Carlos Moreno
SVP, Strategy: Kristy Pleckaitis
Art Director: Todd Mackie
Copywriter: Denise Rossetto
Chief Business Officer: Beverley Hammond
Client Success Team: Ravi Singh, Maegan Thomas
Executive Producer: Erica Metcalfe

Production Company: OPC
Director: Natalie Rae
Executive Producer: Isil Gilderdale
Directors Of Photography: Matthew Ballard
Producer: Jason Aita
Wardrobe Stylist: Kat Martinez
Wardrobe Assistant: Wafa Rufaat

Editorial Company: Saints Editorial
Editor: Ross Birchall  
Executive Producer: Mackenzie Goodwin
Assistant Editor: Phoebe Lorimer

VFX Company: Darling VFX
VFX Artist: Paul Binney
Executive Producer: Stephanie Pennington

Colour Company: Alter Ego
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Executive Producer: Hilda Pereira

Audio House: OSO Audio
Music Composer / Audio Director: Daenen Bramberger
Executive Producer: Hannah Graham

Casting Company: Powerhouse Casting
Casting Director: Melissa Cassin

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