A Girl and a Giant Tongue Co-Star in W+K's Wacky New Coke Spot

CGI magic you can almost taste

Hanging out with a ginormous, CGI-animated tongue can be mad fun.

You and your big pink pal can shoot the curls all summer long, shush down wintry slopes, bust furious moves at a birthday bash, and even bungee jump like bosses. 

Wieden + Kennedy London created such a tongue in this wacky European spot for Coca-Cola: 

Magic of Coke Taste

That tongue's a budding star!

At the very end, the brand's iconic logo gets a makeover that really sticks out:

Taste, of course, is the overriding theme, with the flavor of Coke evoking magical memories and dispelling the rainy-day blues. How do you portray the notion of "taste" in a way viewers can instantly comprehend? Clearly, Coke's got that problem licked. 

It's nice to see bodily organs playing an upbeat role in ads for a change. They're often the baddies in healthcare ads—from Viberzi's "Irritabelle the irritable bowel" to Mybetriq's furiously full bladder.

Actually, W+K Amsterdam put tongues with cockney accents in Coke Zero spots a decade ago. They co-starred with eyeballs and brains, naturally. Alas, that campaign was less than the sum of its parts. 

Here, we lapped up each sublimely silly scene. That bit where the tongue gets frozen to a Coke-bottle ice sculpture wath ethpecially inthpired. 

One last tip: The ad's twisty "La La La" song will be available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. 


Client: Coca-Cola Western and Eastern Europe
Media Channels: TV, OOH (Digital, Print and Iconic Large Format, Murals)
Lead Client Name: Walter Susini, Marta Carreras-Cancelo
Markets: Western and Eastern Europe

Wieden + Kennedy London
Creative Director: Flo Heiss
Creatives: Matt Callaby (Art Director) and Jake Attree (Writer)
Executive Creative Directors: Tony Davidson & Iain Tait
Group Account Director: Nick Owen
Account Director: Alex Fitch
Account Manager: Tom Campbell
Planning Director: Ruth Mason
Comms Planning Director: Lee Ramsey
TV Producer: Samara Zagnoiev
TV Production Assistant: Dee Fenning
Business Affairs: Helena Tomas

TV Production
Production Company: Iconoclast
Director: Ernest Desumbila
Executive Producer: Carine Harris & Anna Smith Tense
Line Producer: Mikey Levelle
Director of Photography: Patrick Duroux
Editorial Company: Cut & Run
Editor: James Rose
VFX Company: Electric Theatre Company 
VFX Supervisor: James Sindle
Sound Design: 750mph
Sound Designer: Sam Ashwell
Music Producer: John Connon
Music Company: Mr. Pape
Writers: Jordan Crisp / Jesse Elvis dos Santos-Rambellas

Post Production Producer: Sian Jenkins / Matt Williams
CG Coordinator : Larisa Covaciu
VFX Supervisors: Tobin Brett, James Sindle
2D Lead: Taran Spear
2D Artists: Alex Prod'Homme, Tom Humphrey, Alberto Pizzocchero, Tane Welham, Flavio Kawamoto, Alex Grey

CG Lead: Tobin Brett
CG Artists: James Sindle, Nick Turner, Jack Powell, Jordan Dunstall, Romain Thirion, Adrian Lan Sun Luk, Max Johnson, Marko Mamula, Gareth Bell, Reece Weldon, Ogi Vukovic, Olivia Grimmer
Animators: Steve Beck, Joffrey Zeitouni, Jesus Parra, Rodrigo Torres, Eddie Martinez, Callum Williams, 
Riggers: Greg Martin, Martin Villert

Colorist: Luke Morrison

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