The Generation Gap in Australia Shrinks, Thanks to... Lamb?

Finding unexpected common ground

Launched ahead of Australia Day on Jan. 26, a 3-minute video from Australian Lamb skewers the generation gap.

Boomers and Gen Z share little to no common ground in this multiverse. Those of a certain age still read print newspapers, unaware that their phone lights are on. Conversely, twentysomethings worship their screens and can't pay attention when the person talking is standing right in front of them. What's more, Millennials use Gen Z lingo incorrectly. And everyone ignores Gen X. (The truth hurts.)

In the film, as the gap continues to widen, the ground splitting further and apart.

Thankfully, that sweet smell of lamb, savored by all age groups, saves the day. The gap begins to shrink. Boomers can be addicted to their phones. Gen Z can agree that to-go coffee isn't hot enough.

In the end, everyone embraces. But I think they're going to need more lamb. And what about the vegetarians? Food for thought.

The Monkeys created the spot. (Not the Monkees, Boomer.)

The Generation Gap | Australian Lamb

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