A Funny Thing Happens When You Click on This Sneaky Snickers Banner Ad

If you thought it was a good deal, you must be hungry

Yes, Snickers commercials are pretty great. But for our money, the more unexpected executions are often even better—stuff like the Sports Illustrated back covers or the "Hungry Mistakes" out-of-home ads. 

Here's the latest shenanigans for the candy brand from BBDO New York. It's a banner ad which might seem like it's offering a great deal on Snickers, but only if you read it too quickly—or more to the point, if you're hungry. 

Clicking on the banner, which offers a one-for-two deal instead of the more traditionally beneficial two-for-one deal, leads to a landing page where you can watch a video of a man who's quite concerned for your well-being. The whole thing is Pringles-esque in its sneakiness, and one of the very few banners that are actually worth clicking on (if you have, you know, some time to kill). 

We won't spoil the payoff—just go visit the site. And trust us, it all works out quite well for you in the end. 

The "One for Two" banner will run online and on Snickers' social channels. It's part of the "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign, now in its seventh year.

Client: Snickers/Mars Chocolate North America
Brand Director, Snickers: Josh Olken: 
Sr. Brand Manager, Snickers: Michael Italia

Agency: BBDO New York
David Lubars: Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide
Greg Hahn: Chief Creative Officer, BBDO New York
Gianfranco Arena: Executive Creative Director
Peter Kain: Executive Creative Director
Scott Mahoney: Creative Director 
Dan Oliva: Creative Director
David Rolfe: EVP, Director of Integrated Production
Amy Wertheimer: EVP, Group Executive Director
Anthony Curti: Executive Producer
James Young: Executive Producer
Stuart Miller: Senior Producer
Jimmy Mcgee: QA Manager
Ray McGale: Senior Production Artist
John Cardoso: Developer 
Kirsten Flanik: CEO & President, BBDO New York
Susannah Keller: Global Account Director
Lisa Piliguian: SVP, Account Director
Carrie White: VP, Account Director
Blake Maraoui: Account Manager
Danee Fields: Account Executive
Amy Orgel: Senior Project Manager
Paul Cisco: Business Manager
Annemarie Norris: SVP, Group Planning Director
Christina Stoddard: Planning Director
Brian Brydon: Communications Planning Director 
Michael Schonfeld: Planner
Dexter Blumenthal: Planner

Production Company: JHF Prod/World War Seven
David Shafei: Director

Editorial: MackCut
Brendan Hogan: Editor
Gina Pagano Exec Producer

CO3: Color
Tim Masick: Colorist

Mix: MackCut
Sam Shaifer: Sound Engineer

Conform: MackCut
Jim Hayhow: Flame Artist

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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