The Follicly Challenged in Brazil Scored Free Whoppers

200 stores distributed 500,000 Whoppers

Hello, Magic 8 Bald, Baldilocks and Northern Hairysphere!

Burger King Brazil celebrates different types of bald looks in a 45-second ad from DAVID São Paulo.

But BK fave is "The Bald Thru," resembling the three areas of a drive thru: the entrance, where you order and the exit. Consumers with their own "Bald Thru," who rolled up to one of 200 participating BKs in Brazil, were recently able to score a free Whopper.

Burger King | The Bald Thru

In five days, a whopping 500,000 Whoppers were rewarded to anyone with the Bald Thru do, regardless of whether it was their natural hair pattern or not.

"Brazil is a country with millions of bald individuals. This number is much higher than the number of BK stores with drive-thrus," says agency Rogério Chaves. "So, we realized that among the types of baldness, a very popular one looks like our drive-thru: with an entrance, passage through the back, and exit. Then, it was easy to connect the dots and create this perfect ambassador to make our drive-thru always remembered. Now, whenever someone sees a Bald Thru, they directly remember BK."


Agency: DAVID São Paulo
Campaign: The Bald Thru
Cliente: Burger King Brazil
Global CCO: Pancho Cassis
Global COO: Sylvia Panico
ECDs: Fabrício Pretto, Rogério Chaves, Renata Leão, Marie Julie Gerbauld
ACD: Renato Simon
Art Director: Tiago Embrizi
Copywriter: Rafael Barreiros
Account: Tom Gil, Cacá Franklin, Malu Figueiredo, Carolina Assunção
Production team: Fernanda Peixoto, Ana Marques, Letícia Brito
Editor: Silvio Figueira, Victor Folha
Strategy: Carolina Silva, Daniela Altenfelder, Barbara Pires, Helder Silva
Innovation & Tech: Toni Ferreira
Social Media: Bárbara Bueno, Marcelo Reis, Ully Correa
Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo

Client Approval: Ariel Grunkraut, Mayra Palacios, Saulo Faria, Pedro Laguárdia, Vinícius Simon, Larissa Zanardi

Production Company: Barry Company
Director: Berro
Executive Production: Krysse Mello, Maria Fernanda Moura

Sound production: Jamute
Director: James Feeler

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