FedEx Guy Overcomes All Obstacles as He Trains for the Holidays

BBDO and Noam Murro deliver cheeky competition

Running an obstacle-course competition while carrying a bunch of boxes in one arm ain't easy. Just ask the courier in FedEx's amusing "Training Day" spot from BBDO and Biscuit Filmworks director Noam Murro.

Gee, will the delivery dude win, do you think?

FedEx Shipathon Training Day

Indeed he does, without dropping a single box! We never saw it coming.

Below, the victor offers some pithy comments:

FedEx Delivery Guy Interview

Um, you can be probably put down the packages now, guy.

"We used the obstacle course as a way to suggest that FedEx is ready and has been tirelessly training. Because this year's race to the holidays isn't just a sprint—it's a Shipathon," BBDO executive creative director Greg Ketchum tells Muse.

To our eye, the video channels an American Ninja Warrior vibe, but agency senior creative director Tom Kraemer cites other sources of inspiration.

"The concept of 'Training Day' is a play on TV competitions dating back to ABC's Battle of the Network Stars in the mid-'70s, all the way up Netflix's recent show, Floor Is Lava," Kraemer says. "Story-wise, we wanted to portray a contestant in unparalleled physical condition—and then, in tongue-in-cheek fashion, show that he simply cannot compete with the drive and passion of our FedEx courier."

As usual, Murro delivers a visually memorable brand message with just enough humor to keep viewers engaged. He filmed the spot over one night in a Los Angeles parking lot. Patrick Romano of Stunts Unlimited designed the obstacles. Michael Mitchell, with a background in gymnastics, parkour and mixed martial arts, plays the courier, while actor/stuntman Brandon Belieu portrays his rival. (How could he lose? His hands were free the whole time!)


Agency: BBDO New York
Brand: FedEx
Spot: Training Day

Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Executive Creative Director Greg Ketchum 
Executive Creative Director Tom Godici 
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Audio Mix: Sound Lounge
Sound Mixer: Tom Jucarone
Music Search: Agoraphone
Music Supervisor: Dawn Sutter Madell
Song: "Give It All" by 7KingZ

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