FanDuel Casino Doubles Down on the Thrill of Winning

Nothing else quite adds up

Why settle for the 18th best feeling in the world when you can go straight to the top?

The No. 1 feeling, per FanDuel Casino, is winning. Big surprise. No. 18 is saving a kid from a well ... 59 years later:

FanDuel Casino | Well

Spots break today, expanding the betting app's "Winning Is Undefeated" theme introduced last year by Mischief @ No Fixed Address, which also developed the new work.

"Researchers have identified 34,000 unique feelings. But any list needs a No. 1. So, everyone got in touch with our deepest emotions, then we ranked them. These findings were the basis of the campaign," says Mischief creative director Pete Lefebvre. "You can argue with our faux-scientific order, but you can't argue with the fact that winning is the best feeling there is."

"The actor who played the man in the well spent his downtime running lines for his night job: performing Shakespeare in London," Lefebvre says. "Maybe we underutilized him."

"We were very sensitive to the length and tightness of the man in the well's short-shorts, as not to ran afoul of network clearance," he recalls. "So, the biggest line item in our VFX budget might have been making them less 'snug.'"

"The Well was in a field where a lot of the grass belonged either to the royal family or the Church of England. It was called something like the King's Grass, and you could only step in certain spots. Not sure who had an in with the permitting office."

Elsewhere in the campaign, "Saying "I Told You So" ranks at No. 30 of the best feels on Earth. Seems low.

FanDuel Casino | Told You So

Playing nude hockey didn't make the list. That's more of a Canadian gambling thing.

Amusing but not OTT, FanDuel effectively taps into our innate desire to win without over-hyping an indulgence in which losing looms as a high probability.

Ads will run un key markets such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

FanDuel Casino | Jogging
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