Even BMW Is Now Making Fun of Lexus's 'Big Red Bow' Holiday Ads

For some, it won't be a December to remember

If you're sick of those sappy yet iconic Lexus holiday ads with the big red bows, here's a good-natured parody from rival BMW of America that takes the trope in an unexpected direction.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners and RSA director Jonny Mass created a spoof set at a family gathering. Pop-Pop's plenty stoked to see the whole gang together again. But his seasonal joy shifts into overdrive thanks to the random trajectory of a dislodged house decoration:

Holidays are here! | 2022 BMW Road Home Sales Event | BMW USA

Ha ha! Gramps will be miffed when he learns that snazzy BMW isn't a gift, just the resting place for a red bow blown down by the wind. Ah well, a tie is nice, too. Maybe someone brought a fruit cake.

"The holidays are a fun time of year, so we wanted to have a little fun with our annual 'Road Home' sales spot this by celebrating the spirit of the season with a lighthearted interpretation of the typical holiday car commercial," says BMW VP of marketing Marcus Casey.

Of course, the Lexus "December to Remember" bow has been lampooned before. This SNL skit is pretty amusing. BMW's spot is subtler, befitting an actual ad, and it scores by invoking a beloved/despised meme without seeming snarky. (Well, maybe a little.)

"The cast took the awkward moment scene to so many places with ad libs that had the crew in stitches," recalls GS&P ACD Clemens Zlami. "The only bad actor was the bow, to be honest. It was surprisingly difficult to have the bow land on the correct spot. However, when the shoot was over, everyone wanted to take the bow—and the cars—home!"

The BMW commercial broke last week and will run on TV and online, notably during Fox's World Cup coverage. Muse reached out to Lexus, where a rep took the high road and politely declined to comment. 


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Title of Creative Work: Big Red Bow

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