Eric Andre and Annie Murphy Hit the Showers for Bic EasyRinse

Lots of silly riffs, but zero clogs

A :30 from Bic informs us that the company's new EasyRinse razor is less irritating than comedian Eric Andre's mysterious rash. Good to know!

Andre and Emmy-winning actress Annie Murphy riff about the product from adjoining showers. One liners flow like spray from ... a shower-head, I guess, as the pair plug Bic's reverse-blade tech, designed to eliminate nasty clogs.

Dude pulls a great face when he checks out how that "rash" is progressing:

"Eric and I had a ton of fun pretending to be nude in the shower to spread the word," Murphy says in campaign materials. "With spring cleaning right around the corner, I'm ready to go bonkers and unclog my life. I could start with my kitchen, my bedroom, my bathroom, my living room, or my dining room. But starting small is better, so I'll start—and let's be honest probably end—with my razor."

Also good to know (but TMI, maybe?).

Bic calls EasyRinse its "most significant razor innovation in nearly 50 years." So, clearly, only wet celebs would do as brand ambassadors.

Doner CX developed the campaign, which will run across TV, digital, retail displays and signage.

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