eBay Blasts Retailers for 'Holiday Creep' Christmas Ads in September

Warning shot 100 days out

Christmas in September? Ho! Ho! ... No!

Dec. 25 arrives exactly 100 days from today, but some retailers have already decorated trees and emailed holiday offers. Enter eBay with "The Holiday Chill," a commercial in which it wags its finger at stores that blast carols and display wreaths before summer's last gasp: 

The Holiday Chill

Hey, why Elf Yourself when you can troll the competition?

Created by eBay with Edelman and Ghost Robot, the spot closes by inviting folks to shop eBay and "outsmart holiday creep."

"Each year, holiday prep and promotions start earlier, and grow bigger, louder and shinier throughout the season," a client rep tells Muse. "eBay is committing to 'chill' until November. We'll continue to offer great deals every day, not just holiday discounts. And at the same time, eBay will focus on helping sellers prepare for their busiest time of year." 

Made for sharing, the minute-long clip and cutdowns begin posting today across the e-commerce giant's social channels.

"The Holiday Chill" follows eBay's earlier effort to plug into the consumer zeitgeist with a "Crash Sale" unlocking deals if Amazon's site imploded on Prime Day:

This stuff might get tongues wagging, but it's a tad naughty rather than nice. We worry it could result in some coal-filled stockings for eBay marketing execs a few months down the line.


Client: eBay
Agency: Edelman
Production Company: Ghost Robot
Director: Ben Dickinson
Edit House: Gattie and Lopez

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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