Don't Get Burned by Razor Thieves, Says Dollar Shave Club

Do you know where your blade's been?

So, you're in the shower, letting that hot, stinging spray wash away the mounting stress of daily existence.

You decide to shave. But as you reach for your Dollar Shave Club razor, your heart skips a beat. You always rinse those blades clean. And yet, the steel's crammed with coarse strands that match your significant other's hair color. You yelp "WTF?!" as your mouth fills with steamy water.

Talk about razor burn! It's enough to work anyone into a lather.

Unilever-owned subscription service DSC addresses this sorry, soggy state of affairs in the :30 below…

Our razors are borrowed for a reason | Dollar Shave Club

…explaining that its products are so good, they're "gonna get borrowed," while promoting a $5 Double Razor Share Pack as a solution.

Feedback from DSC members inspired the limited-time offer and campaign. According to a brand survey, 25 percent of women said they sometimes "borrow" their partners' or roommates' razors for leg, bikini-zone and armpit grooming. (Oh, and 10 percent said they sometimes secretly use their significant others' toothbrushes. On their teeth, presumably.)

"We started with a pain point common among consumers and brought it to life in a way that we think is both funny and relatable," DSC CMO Kristin Harrer tells Muse. "We think we found an entertaining way to tell a story while also speaking to the quality of our blades."

Director Nick Ball and his crew from MJZ shot the shower scene in one day, but ran into a prickly situation that required some effort to overcome.

"The prune [skin] became real after the first couple of hours," recalls Kristin McCarron, DSC's director of production, "which had our team switching back and forth between our male and female actors, to allow [them] time to de-prune."


Mike Dubin - CEO
Kristin Harrer - CMO
Matt Knapp - VP of Creative, Executive Creative Director
Alec Brownstein - VP of Creative, Executive Creative Director
Matt Orser - GCD
Kristin McCarron - Director of Production
Peter Quinn - Director of Photography and Motion
Nathan Nutley - Senior Motion Designer
Raechelle Hoki - VP, Brand Marketing
Chloe Jensen - Senior Brand Marketing Manager
Terry Soltani - Senior Manager, Creative Services

Nick Ball - Director
Emma Wilcockson - EP
Karen Chen - Line Producer

Final Cut
Jeff Buchanan - Editor
Dillon Stoneburner - Assistant Editor
Ana Orrach - Executive Producer

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