Coca-Cola Adapts an Iconic Ad From 2002 to Address Covid-19

'Por Todos' was the brainchild of Martín Mercado

Coca-Cola has adapted one of its most famous Spanish-language ads, created by Martín Mercado in 2002 to address the Argentinian Great Depression, as a statement of strength and unity against Covid-19.

The new spot, "Por Todos" ("For All"), from Mercado McCann, speaks of standing as one against the disease, with familiar product images set against a white background illustrating key points. For example, a single, lonely Coke bottle accompanies the opening line "For those who are apart," while a cap bent in the shape of puckering lips stands "For those who don't kiss."

Por Todos [English]

In the end, we're told, "We will get through this. For everyone."

Here's "Para Todos," the original commercial from 18 years ago:

Para Todos (2002)

Coke revisited the concept and imagery for appeals during the SARS crisis, as a tribute to South African leader Nelson Mandela, and on several other occasions.

"More than a privilege, it is almost an obligation to be able to edit one of our most iconic pieces to communicate a message of optimism," Guillermo Giménez y Brotons, Coke integrated communications director, tells Live Marketing Magazine. "In addition to donations and everything we do at the end of the day, everything starts by raising people's optimism and celebrating those who help us as everyday heroes to do it."

Below, you can view the Covid version of the spot in Spanish and Portuguese:

Por Todos [Spanish]
Por Todos [Portugeuse]

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Mercado McCann
Executive Creative Director: Martín Mercado, Nicolás Massimino, Juan Pablo Lufrano
Chief of production: Agustín Borgognoni
Client services: Fernando Sarni, Angie García Fernandez
Strategy & Planning: Pilar Echeverría
Photographer: Charlie Mainardi
Editor: Santiago Lemme
VO: Nicolás Abeles
Soundtrack: "Para todos" by Camilo Iezzi, CCCI studio
Sound & Audiomix: Porta Estudio

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