C'mon, Brits! Don't Be Embarrassed to Talk About Poo

Andrex tries harder for No.2

Brits are apparently embarrassed about pooping, especially in the workplace. But is anyone really comfortable when the morning coffee kicks in at the office?

Andrex hopes to normalize this normal bodily function with "Get Comfortable," a video and OOH campaign from FCB London where emboldened people proudly let things go.

In one ad, an office worker accidentally farts loudly in front of colleagues. Is she embarrassed? No. She grabs her TP and sachets to the bathroom, but not before she grabs the French/German dictionary to help pass the time.

Andrex | First Office Poo

Another spot follows a man as he does an elaborate post-poo dance:

Andrex | Post Poo Euphoria

"Get Comfortable was written as a call to action for the country to get over our collective awkwardness," says Kyle Harman-Turner, ECD and creative partner at FCB. "How can something that 7.8 billion people do, be something that 0 people admit to? How can pooing in a public toilet be a bigger U.K. fear that than arachnophobia?"

The brand conducted research and found that 47 percent of Brits have held their poo at work and 41 percent of people are uncomfortable going to the bathroom at their in-laws.

The latter inspired an amusing :20 with a woman spraying two cans of air freshener as she makes her way back to the fam:

Andrex | In-Laws

"My hope is that we break down Britain's social constipation," Harman-Turner tells Muse. "That we live unclenched. We poo like nobody's listening."

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