This Christmas Ad's Mystery Unfurls Into a Tale of Family Love

Sune Sorensen directs Jung von Matt's sweet Doc Morris spot

The enduring mysteries of Christmas spirit lend themselves well to advertising. The classic example is "The Long Wait" from John Lewis, featuring perhaps the best storytelling ever in a seasonal spot, as the source of a child's impatience in the weeks leading up to Christmas is poignantly, and surprisingly, revealed in the final frames.

"Take Care," a new Christmas film from Jung von Matt/SAGA and director Sune Sorensen for pharmacy chain Doc Morris, springs from that same playbook.

It's very nicely shot and tells the oblique of an older man who appears to be embarking on a regimen of self-improvement. No matter that this impulse is meant to remain wrapped up in a bow until after New Year's—this bloke is determined to get himself in shape?

Is he having a late-stage midlife crisis? His neighbors certainly seem to think so.

Doc Morris | Take Care

Except in the end, once again, we happily discover our hero wasn't thinking of himself at all—well, not entirely of himself. He has good reasons to stay in shape, and they involve giving to others. (Given the prominence of the kettlebell in the story, they could have called this "The Long Weight.")

One notable thing about the film is that it seems to exist in a world separate from the pandemic. A few advertisers have tried this—presenting social scenarios with no masks and no social distancing. This can seem oddly divorced from reality, though Sorensen, the director, tells Muse that the goal here was to make the work feel more timeless.

"I feel that, despite masks being part of everyone's everyday today, it still has to have particular relevance to the story—perhaps because we still all expect, and hope, that this is a temporary state of the world," he says. "Adding a mask to a campaign immediately limits its longevity. We will forever associate it with this time."

The shoot itself, of course, couldn't escape the clutches of Covid. For one thing, it was shot in Tallinn, Estonia, instead of Hamburg, which had stricter restrictions at the time.

"These days, every production has to take in account several potential Covid scenarios and this was no different," Sorensen says. "On set we had daily briefings from the medical staff and we wore masks at all times—in fact, the last day of shooting we were asked to only wear the safest types of masks due to new studies that revealed some are better than others. The only people who didn't wear masks were the actors, for the purpose of the scenes, but everyone on set was tested for Covid before and after shooting, too."

We also asked Sorensen about the very light product tie-in in the film.

"At first we considered being more direct about the link between Doc Morris and the story—we could quite simply add a moment where Sam video-calls a doctor or orders a product on their online platform, but in the end the client and agency agreed that it should form part of a larger effort to brand Doc Morris as an enabling presence in people's lives," he says. "That everyone should be able to enjoy life and focus on what matters—Doc Morris will be there, whenever someone needs them. For me, that's rare. Very few brands dare to trust the long-term effects of positive association and branding like that."


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Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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