Chick-fil-A Is Opening a Holiday 'Time Shop' in NYC to Remind You to Spend It Wisely

Also, see the brand's two-minute seasonal spot

Chick-fil-A will open a free pop-up store today in New York City's SoHo neighborhood, with time as the featured menu item. 

Brimming with shiny, ticking, chiming clocks of all sorts, The Time Shop will operate for two weeks at 105 Wooster St. as the physical centerpiece of the restaurant chain's holiday campaign. 

Developed with McCann New York, the initiative invites folks to slow down during the frantic season and take the time to enjoy various activities with family and friends. The NYC shop is based on the fanciful store in the animated film below from Psyop director Marie Hyon:

The Time Shop | A Holiday Short Film | Proudly Served by Chick-fil-A®

That kind of crossed Rankin-Bass with Dr. Who. We kept thinking the shop would turn out to be a TARDIS. Maybe next time. 

Anyway, the live experience offers opportunities for stories, creative play and snacks, as well as the chance to create custom "Time Cards" for loved ones. Reservations are recommended. 

Folks can also visit a website to create and send such cards to recipients in the U.S. free of charge. Prompts for sharing time include "4 hours of teaching you to ride a bike," "2 hours of making Grandma's doughnuts" and "3 hours of our favorite board game." 

The campaign stems from a Chick-fil-A survey that found 73 percent of respondents wished to spend more time with people they care about, while 93 percent said quality time is more important for the holidays than food, decorations, music, parties or gifts. 

"Years from now, we might not remember what gifts we received, but we will remember how it felt to be with the people we love," says Chick-fil-A senior marketing director Ashley Callahan. " 'Together Time' [the campaign's overarching theme] is all about setting aside time for making memories."

So, why would a fast-food company focus on time? The brand says it's not such a stretch, since it already emphasizes speedy service and closes its stores on Sundays. The chain believes observing the Christian sabbath gives team members more time to spend with their families. (The Time Shop rests on the seventh day, too.)

Long a darling of the religious and political right, the company has drawn fire from conservatives after announcing a new charitable giving plan that would exclude the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The holiday campaign probably won't do much to burnish the brand's image in the wake of such controversy. Of course, it wasn't intended to; but at the very least, it provides a timely reminder that pausing to share the best of ourselves—and perhaps engage in some reflection and thoughtful conversation—can do everyone a world of good.



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