This Chicago Hot Dog Stand Has the Most Insulting Curbside Pickup Ever

The Wiener's Circle isn't changing just for Covid

Lately, many advertisers have been asking: Is it OK to be funny right now? To which one hot-dog stand in Chicago replies: Yes, yes it is.

The Wiener's Circle, an eatery in Lincoln Park known for its char dogs and cheese fries—and for the vulgar late-night insults its staff likes to hurl at customers—has adapted to Covid-19 not by suddenly becoming all caring and sensitive. Indeed, quite the opposite. It's doubling down on disparagement of its clientele, with a new FaceTime Ordering & Curbside Abuse service.

As the amusing spot below explains, you can now order Wiener's Circle virtually by FaceTiming the number 1-773-BITCHES—one of the staff will personally insult you as they take your order. Or you can add "Curbside Abuse" to your order on Tock, Grubhub or UberEats—and enjoy a "profanity-laced earlashing of your choice" when you pick up your order.

Oh, and the spot below—made by the creative team of Gordy Sang and Brian Siedband—is the eatery's first commercial ever. Not bad for a mudslinging debut.

Warning: Video contains lots of profanity (obviously).
Wiener’s Circle | We’re Here For You

"Shit's so fuckin' weird in the world right now, and people seem to miss the everyday normal shit they used to do. Like yelling at us to get a fuckin' hot dog. And I miss yelling at their motherfuckin' ugly-ass faces too," says longtime Wiener's Circle employee Poochie Jackson, who enjoys a starring role in the spot.

"People just want something to smile about," adds manager Evelyn Morris. "And apparently hearing us call them yuppy-ass bitches makes 'em smile. Even though you can't see their fuckin' mouths behind their masks."

It's not just empty insults, either: They are donating a portion of every sale to the Chicago Black Owned Restaurant Relief Fund as well as the Chicago Community Covid-19 Response Fund.


Agency: Quality Meats
Creative Directors: Gordy Sang and Brian Siedband
Production Company: The BMP Film Co. 
Owner/Account Director: Benjamin Mahoney
Executive Producer: Emily Weinstein
Director: Chris Vanderwall
Field Audio: Ed Bornstein
Aerial Cinematography: Aeriform Cinema
Post Production Lead and Editor: Tayler Bujnowski
Colorist: Matthew Fillipek
Audio Mix: Tom Haigh

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