Centraal Beheer Reprises Its Beloved 'Just Call Us' Campaign

First ad in Dutch insurer's series since 2017

Released from prison after serving a lengthy sentence, our subject finds himself trapped in a very different kind of cage. We refer to a new commercial from Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer, the first in its popular "Just Call Us" series since 2017.

During his first hours of freedom, this surly scofflaw antagonizes cops, shoplifts, and tosses a soda can loaded with his fingerprints and DNA onto the highway, near the scene of a crime he didn't commit.

The 61st 'Just Call Us' Commercial

Ah well, that repugnant parolee will probably wind up back in <i>the can.</I> (Meaning jail, not restroom. Though under such circumstances, he'll probably get an upset stomach, too.)

Amsterdam-based DDB Unlimited and director Matthijs van Heijningen created the spot. Heijningen previously shot acclaimed ads for Canal+ ("The Bear") and Kia ("Hero's Journey" with Melissa McCarthy). Here, his cinematic eye keeps the goofy/gritty road-trip rolling, with George Thorogood's crunchy "Bad to the Bone" driving the action.

Launched in 1985, "Just Call Us" spots usually show humorous situations where insurance would come in handy. But this ad's delinquent dude better call a lawyer instead! (Or maybe he should contact Centraal Beheer and have them testify on his behalf. They made the spot, so they know he's innocent!)

"The reason why I started at DDB in the first place, all those years ago, was because I completely loved these commercials," says agency creative lead Aad Kuijper. "We're happy to continue the tradition and bring back the Netherlands' best-loved ad line."


CREATIVE AGENCY: DDB Unlimited Amsterdam
DIRECTOR: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bonkers United                      
ADVERTISER: Centraal Beheer
CLIENTS: Peggy Spaapen–du Long - Veronique de Bos

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