Capri Sun Spoofs Romance Novels With 'Juicio' the Jokey Hunk

'A tale of less sugar yet still as juicy'

How sexy are Capri Sun juice pouches? Not very. Even less so, perhaps, with reduced sugar.

Never fear, the brand is spicing things up with Juicio, a faux romance-novel cover hunk who mugs his way through ads breaking today from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

That chiseled chest! Those stubbly cheeks! That salaciously darting tongue! Dude's kind of odd, actually, but he really loves juice concentrate wrapped in aluminum foil and plastic.

Portrayed to pouty-faced perfection by actor Eric Lutz, the character mugs his way through the :30 below, which promises "a tale of less sugar yet still as juicy."

Capri Sun | Your Kids Will Never Know

We use the term "perfection" loosely. Still, he's got great hair! Fabio would heartily approve.

Juicio even gets the Audible treatment, with a three-minute mini-book read by ace narrator Cissy Jones. The story opens with a young mom tossing and turning beneath the sheets, "dreaming of her current infatuation whispering into her ear: 'Lesss sugarrr!' "

Hot stuff—kind of. Good thing Capri Sun's around to cool things down.

"The romance novel was the perfect vehicle to appeal solely to parents in a clever and entertaining way," says Samantha Mills, associate director at Capri Sun distributor Kraft Heinz. "This route also allowed us to create a buzzy trope. This campaign targets parent purchasers by delivering the 'hidden message' in a way that would make kids blush with embarrassment."

Hence the tagline, "Your kids will never know" (that Capri Sun reduced sugar levels across its portfolio by an average of 40 percent). That slogan sounds risqué, in keeping with the campaign theme.

Mostly, it's a cute idea that should generate a few laughs while delivering the brand message. The work follows Capri Sun's "Break Free TV," also from GS&P, a five-part summer web series aimed at kids. Both that campaign and Juicio represent a category refresh of sorts, stressing whimsical entertainment over kitchen-table and playground scenarios.

Short videos are in the works touting the audiobook, ostensibly penned by "Samantha Craven."

"It's the perfect unassuming yet slightly euphemistic author name every Harlequin novel deserves," Mills says.

Of Lutz's selection, she adds: "We were trying to nail down the hair-blowing-in-the-wind persona that you'd associate with a romance novel, and Eric stole the show. He walked into the audition already in character and committed to the persona the entire time. He was Juicio!"

Well played, my man. Now go get a haircut.


Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Client: Kraft Heinz Company
Title of Creative Work: Your Kids Will Never Know
Live Date: 8/15/22

VP of North America Marketing & Head of The Kitchen: Jessica Vultaggio 
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