Capri Sun Is Delivering Water to Schools, but Not Everyone's Happy It Isn't Juice

Mischief's fun campaign stars ticked-off kids

"Actions, not ads" has been a useful shorthand for how brands should be helping during Covid. But of course, there's no reason you can't do both.

Capri Sun has announced it will be donating around 5 million filtered-water pouches to schools in the Chicago area and its Granite City, Illinois (the town downstate where its factory is located) to keep kids hydrated now that water fountains closed.

And the Kraft Heinz brand also released a fun series of ads showing less-than-enthusiatic reactions from kids when sampling the water—and realizing it's not the yummy Capri Sun juice they're used to.

Creative agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address created the campaign. Production company Imposter and New York-based director Marian Mathias handled the shoot on a virtual set with 12 children and moderator, with Covid protocols in place.

"Ever since Covid hit, there's been a big, and I think positive, movement towards action, not ads. This is a clear example of that. But we wanted to bring it to life in a way that felt human and refreshingly honest," says Greg Hahn, co-founder and chief creative at Mischief (who knows a thing or two about unique back-to-school campaigns). "This project is an opportunity for Capri Sun to use what they make and their role in people's lives to solve a really unique problem."

The effort essentially required the creation of a new product line, which involved the facility and plant team at Capri Sun. In addition to doing the ads, Mischief designed the "We're Sorry It's Not Juice" product name and packaging copy.

"There are few times in the life of a brand that provide an opportunity to go beyond a pack and a product and make it a part of people's lives, by genuinely making them better," says Vikramjeet Singh, vp of marketing, strategy and development at The Kraft Heinz Company.

"Back to school is always an anxious time for parents. Add to it the stress of sending kids to school after months of being at home, in the middle of a pandemic, and that anxiety multiplies. With school fountains closed, how kids get quality water was one of many worries. Capri Sun has been loved by parents and kids alike for years, and we feel it is our responsibility to be of value in this time of need. And that's what led to the idea of Capri Sun filtered water." 

He added: "We're so thrilled we are able to help solve this problem using creativity as the answer, and thank our agency partner Mischief for moving fast and aiding meaningful ideation in the face of an uncharted landscape."

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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