In Canada and Belgium, McDonald's Breaks Out Fine Cutlery and Tosses the Confetti

Celebrating the fast-food experience with style

Fun McDonald's campaigns in markets located thousands of miles apart share a celebratory vibe. One salutes restaurant launches, while the other intros fine silver for fast food.

In Canada, Cossette's "Grand Openings" toolkit supports franchisees' new restaurants. You know you've made it when your products can be recognized when recreated using naught but confetti. (And the only person who hates the stuff is the one cleaning it up.)

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"McDonald's plans to open 50,000 new restaurants around the world by 2027, and Canada is part of this plan," says Alexandre Jutras, creative director at Cossette. "Drawing inspiration from the 2021 'Bubbles of Happiness' campaign, we've embraced another symbol of celebration: the explosion of confetti. This new series of visuals perfectly captures the dynamism and energy of the brand's expansion."

Here's a peek behind the magic:

Now, cue up Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" for a campaign supporting McDonald's in Belgium.

To promote the reintroduction of McD's Deluxe Burger, TBWA\Belgium, broke out the silver and designed a special invite. The sandwich comes in a beef or chicken option, with a fancy fork and knife, for select lucky ones.

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The brand took to social media and gave fans a chance to score branded cutlery by naming their fave Deluxe meal companions. 

"McDonald's has an almost cult-like following of fans," says agency CD Jeremie Goldwasser. "On the other hand, we also know that McDonald's collectibles are highly popular. We put two and two together and, by starting from the thought that 'a deluxe burger deserves a deluxe treatment,' we rapidly came to the idea."

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