California Milk Dispenses Different Kinds of Edibles at L.A. Popup

These CBD products will put a smile on your face

Over the weekend, the California Milk Advisory Board launched a popup CBD dispensary in Los Angeles. However, no CBD—aka cannabidiol, used to treat seizure disorder, anxiety and pain—or cannabis-derived products of any kind were actually dispensed.

On Saturday afternoon, about 500 guests enjoyed "TLC without the THC" at a venue near Venice Beach that offered various free samples of cheese, yogurt, ice cream and melted butter.

Of course, those edibles all contained …

California Dairy Dispensary

… milk! (That's hardly a spoiler.)

For this particular project, CBD stood for "California Based Dairy," with the Advisory Board—which markets products under the Real California Milk label—seeking to leverage the expanding consciousness around cannabis to boost its own brand. (Last year, Legal Sea Foods embraced weed culture in a similar way.)

"It started with the insight that dairy has the ability to enhance your mood," Brett Craig, chief creative officer at Deutsch LA, which devised the pop-up, tells Muse. "In fact, that's one of the reasons you eat it. A bowl of ice cream just makes you happy."

So, the team "started thinking about how California is known for other 'all-natural mood enhancers'—and about how our dairy products are the original 'CBD,' which, of course, led to the idea of the dairy dispensary," Craig says.

Such a setting, in tune with the times and progressive social trends, "offers consumers an unexpected and unforgettable way to experience their favorite foods made with real milk, produced on family farms using the nation's most sustainable farming practices," adds Advisory Board CEO John Talbot.

These foods "not only taste delicious, but are a natural way to enter a golden state of feeling everything from bliss to excitement," he adds.

"Golden State." Heh. *Cue the milk-induced giggles*

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