Burger King Offers Unlimited Coffee for $5 a Month Via the BK App

Subscription model comes to fast food

From Spotify to Netflix to Dollar Shave Club, the subscription model has become a much-embraced centerpiece of brands in the new economy. Now, an old-economy corporation, Burger King, is trying it as well. 

The chain on Friday announced a $5 a month subscription model for coffee. The deal gives you one cup per day, as many days as you like, for the one-time price of a Starbucks large cappuccino. The $5 fee renews automatically each month. 

Burger King | BK Café Subscription

On its face, it's a pretty great deal and another example of Burger King thinking in innovative ways. It's also yet another effort to get people to download the BK app. You can only sign up for the coffee subscription by using the app. 

"We continue to leverage technology to enhance our guests' experience in our restaurants," says Chris Finazzo, BK's president for North America. "We are proud to launch our own subscription service where guests can now enjoy a hot cup of coffee every day for just $5 a month." 

The campaign was created by FCB New York in partnership with Office of Development & Design. Back in December, FCB also created "Whopper Detour," another campaign for the BK app, which used geofencing to offer 1-cent Whoppers to anyone within 500 feet of a McDonald's. 

The announcement comes a week after BK rolled out a video (below) re-asserting its commitment to coffee, featuring the King visiting coffee plantations. 


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