Burger King Hatched an Ingenious Black Friday Plot to Get Other Brands to Pay for Your Whopper

Not a bad reason to do some frantic buying

In keeping with its "hackvertising" philosophy ahead of Black Friday, Buger King is launching Whopper-Shopper.com, a way to convert your fever-dream shopping into free Whoppers. 

The concept was conceived by German agency Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH. And the idea is ridiculously simple: You know how websites post advertising banners so they can get a cut of the revenue if you jump off and buy something? 

Whopper Shopper does the same thing—it consists of nothing but banner ads from major brands. But instead of keeping all the cash for itself when you click on a banner to do some basket-filling, it sends you vouchers for Whoppers. 

Whopper Shopper

Hope you'll still have room in that post-Thanksgiving belly! 

Vouchers consist of $5 Burger King gift cards, good in the U.S. only, and will be sent at promotion's end. Each participant can redeem three max. The campaign will remain online until Nov. 26, or Cyber Monday. 

Client: Burger King Corporation
Black Friday Whopper Shopper

Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH
CCO: Felix Fenz
Group CD: Tobias Ahrens
CD: Matthias Preuss (Art),  Jakob Eckstein (Text)
Art Director: Alessandro Perri, Erwin Lorenz
Copywriter: Andrew McEvoy
Account Manager: Tim Mangels
Planning: Irene Aniteye
Graphic Designer: Aleksandr Bobrov

Burger King: 
Fernando Machado, Marcelo Pascoa, Rogelio Magaña, Renato Rossi, Diego Suarez, Klaus Schmäing, Lemsky Benedikt

Alison Brod Marketing + Communications:
Brooke Scher Mogan, Adrianna Lauricella, Dara Schopp

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