Burger King Is a Battlefield in 'The Naturals vs. The Artificials'

Campy carnage comes with a salad—er, ballad

Food fight!

Well, it's more of a beat-down, actually, as veggies, patties, buns and other natural ingredients storm a Burger King to terminate artificial additives with extreme prejudice in this wild, anthropomorphized spot hyping BK's preservative-free Whoppers.

It's a bloodbath! Oh wait, that's just ketchup.

Burger King | The Naturals vs. The Artificials

Since you were wondering, yes, the production—from creative agency We Believers and Landia directors Robert Llauro and Agustín Alberdi—features its own campy ballad:

"How could it be
That we couldn't see
They'd clean up the Whopper
From artificial ingredients ... like me?
Goodbye, Sodium Benzoate. Goodbye, Monosodium Glutamate.
Goodbye, Polysorbate 80. Goodbye, EDT Acid...
They say real food tastes better
Bye forever, see you never."

Calcium Propionate croons until the bitter end. At which point a burger-bun-topped "Natural" flame-broils the additive's hide and the line "Sorry for not eliminating them sooner" rolls.

The work drives home the preservative-free message blazed by "Moldy Whopper" in goofy-violent action-movie terms. It's like Bay or Tarantino made a flick about murderous lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers—with a big slice of stupid on the side. 

"When we first read the script, we were very excited about the idea. Our main focus was to find the tone to make it cinematic, epic—and with just the right amount of humor," says co-director Llauró.

Last year, We Believers got musical with director Michel Gondry over BK's move to make Whoppers from less-flatulent cows. Landia previously scored with tuneful takes for for Canon and Tramontina, and helped BK cook up this fun FIFA 20 tie-in.


Agency: We Believers
City / Country: New York / USA
Chief Creative Officer: Gustavo Lauria
Executive Creative Director: Patricio Elfi, Joaquin Espagnol
Head of Art: Diego Grandi
Head of Production:  Marcia Jaes
Head of Planning: Marco Vega
Head of Client Services: Jose Quijano
Director of Operations: Natalia Gamarra
Brand Director: Nallely Recinas
Project Manager: Caterina Malpica
Creative Coordinator: Rocio Fernandez Sasso

Production Company: LANDIA
Directors: Robert Llauro / Agustín Alberdi
Executive Producer: Thomas Amoedo
Producer: Claudia Del Bosque
DP: Joseph Pardo
2nd Unit DP: César Echeverría
AD: Jerry Garay
Art director: Rocio Gonzalez
Wardrobe: Marina Slobodianik
Stunt Coordinator: Bucio
Special FX: Arvizu
Character Design Organic: Roy García
Character Design Artificial: La Posta / Julio Azamor

Editorial / Post-Production
Editor: Diego Panich
Post-Production & VFX: La Posta
Post-Production Coordinator: Samantha Castro

Music & Music Publisher: Pickle Music
Composer: Alexis Estiz
Sound Design & Mix: Pickle Music
Executive Producer: Alexis Estiz

Client: Burger King
Global Chief Brand Officer: Paloma Azulay 
Global Head of Burger King: Iwo Zakowski
Communications Latin America: Bárbara Régis
Head of Marketing Latin America: Alexandre Antonello
Marketing Director Mexico: Guillermo Hermosillo
Communications Manager Mexico: Miguel Ángel Amézquita
Communications Analyst Mexico: Deyra Ciprés Cobos

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