Brands Are Planning Some Far-Out Solar Eclipse Activations

Beery 'moondust,' flavor mashups, eclipse-shaped pizza pies and more

Make the most of the 2024 solar eclipse that will occur on April 8—there won’t be another until 2044!

Brands are celebrating this rare moment when the moon passes between the sun and earth for a few precious minutes. Some are just making the occasion, with others utilizing it as a jumping-off platform. 

Take a look at some highlights—no special glasses required:

Blue Moon, 'Made Brighter'

The brand seeks to bring its "signature brightness" to unexpected places. So, it has created a Blue Moon Eclipse Sips kit, which includes four signature pint glasses, four black-light coasters, a black-light flashlight, and "moondust" that will make your beer shimmer during the darkness. Consumers can snag a kit for $25. Plus, there's a chance to win 20 years of free beer (through 2044, natch) to by visiting the brand on Instagram.

MoonPie, 'Brutality in the Totality'

MoonPie has designated itself the "Official Snack of the Eclipse" and sounds the bell for some wrestling hijinks. Via Tombras, the brand pits the sun against the moon in a rematch "billions of years in the making." There's a short film and three promo videos plus limited-edition "Solar Eclipse Survival Kits." So, "Go out there and get some MoonPies for the eclipse, 'cause the sun is about to go down."

SunChips Focus on a Flavor Mashup

SunChips is giving away a limited-edition flavor mash-up—with pineapple habanero and black bean spicy gouda—during the 4 minutes and 27 seconds of the solar eclipse's totality. SunChips partnered with astronaut and solar-phenomenon expert Kellie Gerardi for the event. Additionally, the PepsiCo-owned brand will donate $50,000 to support nutritious meals in schools. Also from Tombras.

Perfect Bar Will Go Dark

Perfect Bar is "going dark" for the occasion, creating a new flavor: the chocolate brownie. Now available online, the protein snack aims to captivate consumers with its gluten-free bar, a dark-chocolate twist to fortify eclipse watchers.

Go RVings' Eclipse Glasses—Supersize Me? Watch in Style

Go RVing introduced giant eclipse glasses made to fit your fave vehicles. 

What? Noooo. Just a little brand joke for April Fool's Day. Actually, Go RVing has created human-sized eclipse glasses available for free at selected RV dealerships along the eclipse's path of totality.

Pizza Hut, 'Total Eclipse of the Hut'

On April 8, Pizza Hut is offering large pies for $12—carry-out, dine-in or delivery. With a shape "reminiscent" of the sun and moon, the brand hopes its pizzas will elevate viewing parties everywhere.

Smoothie King, 'Eclipse Berry Blitz'

The 20 oz. or larger beverage is available nationwide. Upon purchase, consumers who visit a Smoothie King location within the path of the eclipse will also receive a free pair of Smoothie King-branded eclipse glasses. Smooth. 

Marcus Thomas, 'Greetings From Sunny Cleveland'

The Cleveland ad agency created a tourism video especially for the solar eclipse, playfully reminding viewers that there's much to see when you can actually see. The clip features some of the city's top attractions, neighborhoods, and celebs...hidden by shadows.

Spotify, The 'Sonder' Playlist

With Spotify users searching words like "eclipse" for music to match the occasion, its editorial department has curated the Sonder playlist. With music culled from albums like Interstellar and Blurred Moon, the playlist is filled with uplifting acoustic pianos, generous reverbs and expansive delays designed to make you feel "ethereal and out-of-body." Oh, and the cool cover art comes from NASA. 

Eight O'Clock, 'Black Coffee Day'

Also on April 8, Eight O'Clock celebrates "Black Coffee Day." Coincidence? The brand thinks not as it celebrates heroes who enjoy a quality cup. "One day, one solar eclipse, for coffee so good you'll want to drink it black," they say.

KFC, 'Bucket of Chicken Eclipse'

KFC, via Courage, launched ads depicting a KFC bucket where crispy fried chicken once sat. Look below. Does that image remind you of anything? The work will run across digital OOH in Niagara Falls—the No. 1 place to view the eclipse, as well as Canada, South Africa and France.

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