Ben Affleck Returns to Dunkin' in Sequel to His Super Bowl Spot

No Jennifer Lopez this time, though

Ben Affleck returns for Dunkin' Donuts today with a followup to his popular Super Bowl ad. While waiting in line, he quips about being a serious auteur who views commercials as art, and gets mistaken for one of his frequent partners. One who's also a Hollywood star.

Can you guess who it is? Not Tom Hanks or Johnny Depp...

Yeah, they went for the Matt Damon joke, and the counter crew talks up the Bourne actor's "really consistent career," much to Affleck's chagrin. Where's Jennifer Lopez when he needs her? She'd have set everyone straight! And she clearly knows the way to Dunkin', having appeared in the SB outing.

Actually, this new schtick plays better than the Big Game clip (an outtake from which apparently inspired the sequel's storyline). In the earlier spot, Ben worked the drive-thru. It was cute, but a tad forced for our taste. Here, the sharp humor really hits and Affleck's self-aware performance nails it.

"This ad captures the exact moment when Dunkin' is there for Ben—upping the realism factor in a way only Dunkin' fans can relate to," the brand says. "Ben's impromptu humbling by the crew culminates with him saying, 'Time for a Dunkin’ Run'—because sometimes you just need your Dunkin' pick-me-up."

Actually, his Dunkin' run caused him grief. It didn't pick him up in the slightest. Still ... crullers! It's best not to think too deeply into these things.

Affleck directed and conceptualized the :30 with his production company, Artists Equity, and it was filmed at a Dunkin' near Boston.

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