Belgium's 'Helpy Hour' Offers 1 Drink for Price of 2 to Help Bars Recover

A way to repay your favorite watering hole

One drink for the price of two? What a great deal!

Welcome to "Helpy Hour," an initiative designed to revitalize Belgium's pubs and restaurants after three months of coronavirus lockdown.

Such establishments re-opened last week under strict safety conditions that could reduce patronage by about two-thirds. FedCaf, a group representing such cafes, urges pub-goers to pay double for each drink to support their favorite establishments, warning that without extra income, up to half of them won't survive.

So … why not buy two beers and pay for four? How about three for the price of six? As for four beers, well, don't you think you've had enough for one night?

Helpy Hour. Pay 2, Get 1

FCB Alliance agency Happiness in Brussels developed "Helpy Hour"—basically happy hour in reverse, with a suggested price increase instead of discounted drinks—to boost bar owners in the most direct way possible.

"It's a win already," agency creative head Geoffrey Hantson tells Muse. "Over 9,000 bars engaged to promote 'Helpy Hour' after just one day."

"It's a temporary measure that will help avoid an avalanche of bankruptcies," adds FedCaf president Diane Delen. "And once everything is back to normal, clients will be satisfied because happy hours will return."


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