Beck's in Brazil Made a Beer Specifically for the 70+ Set

AKQA touts limited-edition brew

According to your license, you're 63. No Beck's 70+ for you!

In Brazil, Beck's made a limited-edition beer for folks 70 and older. It's a tad tarter than the brewer's standard fare, compensating for a loss of taste sensitivity among septuagenarians (and above).

Beck's 70+

Yeah, getting a nice buzz on isn't just for young people anymore. The clip references 2007's Superbad, btw.

"With new behaviors in everyday life, maturity takes on a different meaning in today's society," says Rodrigo Barbosa, creative director at AKQA, which helped develop the campaign. "The idea of ​​aging well, which used to be limited to a younger appearance, without wrinkles or grey hair, has gained new meanings. Today, aging well is being able to continue enjoying all the most delicious experiences in life—including a great beer."

Beck's 70+ offers a chance to start "a dialogue with the pro-aging culture movement, which understands that age does not limit people's desires and aspirations," he says.

Well, that's probably aiming a bit too high. Still, it's a smart nod to an oft-marginalized audience, a welcome respite from the think/act/feel/dress/drink young ethos that's getting so darn old already.

Though the subject in the print ad below seems to be rocking some spry fashion sense all her own. Kind of combines eras. If she likes it, it's age appropriate! (Note Beck's snazzy silver-grey product and packaging motif.)


Client: AMBEV
Brand: Beck's Beer
Agency: AKQA
Image Production: We Are Sicarios
Audio Production: Hefty Audio

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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