BBDO App Lets Staff Brand Their Homes as Official Agency Offices

Site generates logo for email signatures

As employees worldwide struggle with the new reality—and often the loneliness—of working from home, BBDO has come up with a clever and fun way to boost morale and instill a sense of solidarity among its thousands of employees, wherever they happen to be working.

A microsite went live today at BBDOYOURHOME.COM. Agency employees who visit the site can enter their home address, and it will spit out a logo designating that address as an "official" BBDO office. 

Staffers can then add the logo to their email signatures.

"Obviously you're not launching a new BBDO—but you are making BBDO stronger than ever, from wherever you are," the site says. "We know these are difficult times, and working from home can be a challenge. (Heck, even buying toilet paper seems daunting these days.) But if we all work together, we'll get through this. With equal parts smart thinking, hard work, and humor, plus a decent WiFi connection, we can boost each other. Help our clients. And come out stronger on the other side. Thank you for making your home a little part of BBDO."

The logos also include the message: "We are all at BBDO, wherever we are. Stay safe."

"It is important that we continue to think of ourselves as one office. But for right now, we are not just one big office space in Midtown Manhattan—we are made up of many unique people, places and spaces. That's why, with the help of all of you, we are launching BBDO Your Home!" BBDO New York president and CEO Kirsten Flanik told staff in a note this morning.

The initiative was initially New York only, but a flood of interest from employees worldwide prompted the coding team to scale the app across the global network. 

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