'Awesome Is for Everyone,' W+K Says of Samsung's Galaxy A Phone

Naturally, the space alien steals it

"Awesome" is the watchword in Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam's fast-paced, TikTok-style video series trumpeting various features of Samsung's Galaxy A. Young creators from around the world helped develop the campaign.

A 50-second hero film reprises the catchy mantra of last year's launch, once again promising an "Awesome screen, awesome camera, awesome battery!" A mischievous red-capped space alien and other oddities abound in a bid to draw eyeballs:

Well, that particular ET didn't phone home, but he (she? it?) invades one of the :15s below, too. Other highlights include a home screen full of nervous apps facing deletion and a memorable phone drop filmed from the handset's POV.

"Gen-Z was definitely who we had in mind, but everyone should be able to watch this and have fun with it," W+K account director Nick Pirtle tells Muse. "We wanted to create something that took you on an adventure through the internet. We consume so much on our mobile phones these days, so we wanted to lean into that and make it feel like we took over your phone."

Now, tell us about that bruising phone-drop, please!

"For the 'toughness' feature film, we actually threw the Galaxy A off the stairs over 20 times," recalls W+K copywriter Daria Ovechkina. "And then we just kept shooting all the next scenes on it, so it's truly designed to last. During one of the takes, the cat living in the house where we were shooting accidentally ran down the stairs, and now this shot is the best moment of the film."

She adds: "We needed to make the UI look and work exactly as it does in real life, so we screen-recorded almost every scene of the campaign."

The team worked remotely to coordinate shoots around London and guide the efforts of the talent across different time zones who contributed bits and pieces:

Lil Mayo (the alien); Let It Happen (a dance group); Big Heath and Audrey Nuna (musicians); John YuYi (visual artist); Pablo Rochat (media artist); Neko Chan and Steven Pascua (content creators).


Client: Samsung
EVP, Global Head of Brand Marketing: Pio Schunker
VP, Global Brand Marketing: Matthew Leem
Brand Director: Jessie Song
Sr Brand Manager: Robin Park
Sr Brand Manager: Emily Choi
Sr Brand Manager: MJ Kim
Brand Manager: Soyoung Jang

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Managing Director: Blake Harrop
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Head of Broadcast Production: Joe Togneri
Executive Producer: Jaime Tan, Endy Hedman
Broadcast Producer: Khalid el Khouani
Group Account Director: David Newsome
Account Director: Nick Pirtle
Account Manager: Mariia Shatikhina, Thomas Missault
Account Executive: Bliss Zhawi
Head of Planning: Martin Weigel
Planning Director: Thomas Dinsdale
Head of Comms & Digital Strategy: Freddie Young
Comms Planning Director: Elsa Stahura
Studio Director: Lizzie Murray
Motion Lead: Gustav von Platen
Motion Artists: Hashmukh Kerai, Laura Calvo, Justin Magness, Stelios Nikolaou, Laen Sanches, Ola Tandstad
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Project Manager: Katie Finn Cleary
Business Affairs Manager: Marie Hernandez

Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Raine Allen-Miller
Director of Photography: Olan Collardy
Producer: James Waters
Executive Producer: Tash Tan

Editing Company: Will Judge Editing
Editor: Will Judge
Audio Post: Wave Studios Amsterdam
Sound Designer/Mixer 
Alex Nicholls-Lee

Artist / Title 
Werk Aan Zee - "Another Awesome Song"
Philip Kay - "Another awesome song Long Form"
Mixing Engineer: Randall W. Macdonald
Music Company: Wave Studios Amsterdam / Sixty Four Music / KOM

Product Feature Music
Music Company: Pitch & Sync
Artist / Title 
Weyland Mckenzie & AyChibs  - "Screen"
Hamb Sun - "Camera"
Kenny Pahina - "Toughness"
CJ Mirra & nineteen90 Studio - "Performance Power"
Dj Hyperlink - "Battery"
hirihiri - "Security"
Turreekk ft. Mandy Ventrice - "Storage"

Post Production: MPC Amsterdam
VFX Supervisor / Lead Flame: Ricky Weissman
3D Supervisor: Andy Steele
VFX Team: Michael Aveling, Han-ter Park, Silvia Bartoli, Arnau Gilbert, Amar Chundavadra, Somesh Tiwari, Sandeep Grove, Ria Banerjee
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Line Producer: Salil Thapa

Color: Company 3
Senior Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Senior Producer: Gabriel Wakeman
Executive Producer: Ashley McKim

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