Arm & Hammer Got the World's Foremost Cat Rapper to Freestyle About Its Cat Litter

iAmMoshow debuts video for 'Slide'

Influencers are like catnip to brands. And this one, even more so. 

Arm & Hammer is celebrating National Cat Day today by unveiling a music video in which iAmMoshow, a popular internet musician who describes himself as "The Cat Rapper," delivers a freestyle rap about the brand's cat litter. 

Litter box odor is one of the downsides to owning a cat. But iAmMoshow's new song, "Slide," gives Arm & Hammer major props for eliminating odor. Indeed, the rapper says he has five cats and still maintains an odor-free house. 

There is a charity aspect to the campaign as well. To raise awareness for trap-neuter-return programs, Arm & Hammer is pledging to donate $10,000 to Mac's Fund if the "Slide" video hits 1 million views by Jan. 31.

"iAmMoshow's work aligns with many of our core values around celebrating the unique bond between pet owners and their pets and supporting organizations dedicated to cat health and welfare," Elizabeth Joe, group brand manager at Arm & Hammer Pet Care, said in a statement. "We appreciate the amount of playfulness and fun iAmMoshow brings to his songs, which made us eager to collaborate with him. We hope people enjoy 'Slide' and it makes a chore like cleaning the litter box more enjoyable."

iAmMoshow has more than 400,000 Facebook followers and is renowned for his "Cat Bath Rap," "Cat Emotions" and "Cat World" videos. His earnest love of cats is infectious, and he often raps about how to care properly for cats—broaching topics like why you shouldn't declaw cats and why black cats, which some people shy away from, need adopting too. 

Muse asked iAmMoshow a bit about his music and the Arm & Hammer project in particular.

Muse: What is it about cats that you love so much? 
iAmMoshow: I just love the love and affection that you have to grow and earn with a cat. If a cat is loving all over you and showing you so much respect, that cat really trusts you. I just love everything about cats. 

When did you start rapping about cats? Do you ever find yourself running out of cat rhymes? 
I'll never run out of cat rhymes. This is just what i was put on this Earth for. I started talking about my cats and rhymes about seven years ago.

Were you surprised when Arm & Hammer asked if you'd like to make an ad?
I was a little surprised because before they came to me to make a video I was already using their litter. It was the only litter that gave my house NO SMELL AT ALL. So I just couldn't believe it when they called. 

Is it really better than the other brands? 
YES. It's the only thing I'll ever use from now on. I was already using it!

How did you go about writing the lyrics for "Slide"?
Pretty much the same as any song. It's more of a feeling for me, so I just went in and freestyled my true feelings and love for the product. it was super organic for me! 

Do you think endorsing this product will help your exposure and take your career to the next level?
Well, I think this will show people how awesome the product is while enjoying awesome cat rhymes and love. I think it will bring joy and smiles to people across the world, and if that happens, I'll be very happy! I know it will be great! 

Do you think you'll always keep rapping about cats? Would you ever switch to dogs?
I'll always rap and make my music about cats until the day I'm no longer here. Honestly, I love dogs. I just don't own a dog and never did. So at the moment I'm just forever a Cat Man, iAmMoshow The Cat Rapper!

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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