Adobe Explores the Black Experience Through the Eyes and Ears of Creators

72andSunny crafts 'When I See Black' campaign

Adobe and 72andSunny put the richness and depth of the Black experience on vivid display in a minute-long film spotlighting work from a dozen Black artists. They offer portraits, live-action video clips, animations and photos around the theme "When I See Black," plus poignant thoughts on the topic:

"When I see Black, I see power," begins photographer Yannis Davy GuiBinga, and the narration continues with each artist contributing a line.

When I See Black | Adobe

• "I see a beautiful canvas."
• "I see that my skin, my color, is a miracle."
• "I see that Black stories create community."
• "I see me mother, sister and friends."
• "I see that Black girls can fly."
• "I see our very being is enough to inspire."
• "I see our legacy in neon lights."
• "I see the future is so bright."
• "I see that nothing moves without Black culture."
• "I see the source of life."
• "When I see Black, I see myself."

Gregory Porter's gospel-fusion track "Revival" imbues the initiative with an uplifting, transcendent spirit, concluding: "Black creativity can't be painted in a single stroke."

The film does a fine job of illustrating that point. It reminds us that Black art and culture are treasures for everyone to revere and share. They enrich the world with remarkable dreams and visions.

"Seeing creators like yourself, especially for this next generation, is absolutely crucial," says Adobe marketing chief Ann Lewnes. "We all benefit when more perspectives are shared."

Along with GuiBanga, the piece features: Esther Luntadila, Crystal Kayiza, Temi Coker, Barry Yusufu, Devin Wesley, Aurélia Durand, Shani Crowe, Asia Hall, Lawrence Agyei, Ismail Zaidy and Joshua Kissi.

In addition to the film, Adobe celebrates Black creativity with this showcase for diverse artists such as JD Barnes, Lacy Jordan and Jessica Bellamy, as well as "When I See Black" programming on Hulu, including Black Stories Presents: Your Attention Please, hosted by Craig Robinson.


Brand: Adobe
Creative Agency: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Editorial: Hecho
Song: "Revival" by Gregory Porter
Mix/Sound Design: LIME Studios

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