Ad Guy Pitches His Services While Getting Lots of Face Tattoos

Jeffrey Butterworth doesn't make rash decisions

If you're brand is in need of good ideas, Jeffrey Butterworth is here to help. Because all his ideas are good—well, except for the face tattoos.

The Austin-based advertising veteran runs a company called Butterworth Collective (aka, ButterCo), which assembles different teams of talent for different projects, large and small. To better explain his offering, Jeffrey put together the video below—on the belief that self-promotion is always better when it comes with a side of entertainment.


"I thought it would be funny to do like a Dollar Shave Club-style video that just lays out what I am, because I was struggling with some people who didn't understand what I did," Butterworth tells Muse. "It was a good time for it, too, because I was able to rally a bunch of people who were not doing much because of Covid."

ButterCo pitches itself as a lorem ipsum-style blank slate, adaptable to all projects. "There is just this natural gap in the industry, where clients want to do certain stuff, but it's like, 'Why does this cost $150,000? I don't understand why it's so expensive. And why do we need eight weeks? What's the deal with that?"

Butterworth, who has worked for brands including Dickies Clothing and Doordash, says he's been able to grow the collective during Covid as well, due to the industry-wide layoffs—and everyone working from home.

"I got people that were let go from BBH and other good places that are looking for work, and they're great," he says. "No doubt, we've all changed how we're working [with WFH]. But to me, it's more about, what does it look like after this? We're kicking the tires on how this all works, not just for now but long term."


Agency: Butterworth Collective
Creative Director: Jeffrey Butterworth
Producer: Dylan Heimbrock

Production company: Revelator
Director: Matt Muir
Producer: Todd Ruhnau
DP: Mike Kozlenko

Edit company: Union Editorial
Editor: Kevin Ray
Producer: Vicki Russell
Flame Artist: Moody Glasgow
Edit assist: Drew Johnson
Flame Assist: Shelby Merritt

Music: Yessian
Head of Production: Michael Yessian

Audio company: TBD Post
Audio Engineer: Dusty Albertz

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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