Actors Dressed as Giant Hands 'Grab Life by the Groupon'

FCB gives goofy two thumbs up

There's something ginormously goofy about Groupon's first TV campaign since pre-Covid times, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Check out the :30 below from FCB Chicago, gentle readers, and maybe you can give me a...

...hand! That's it! Everyone dresses in rubbery hand costumes as they take guitar lessons and painting classes, high-five at concerts, savor massages and enjoy local deals through Groupon:

Grab Life By The Groupon | 1,000's of Experiences

That masseuse was all thumbs. (Sorry, wanted to keep my hand in.)

"This is a zeitgeist moment for Groupon—coming out of the pandemic, we all want to get back to experiences that bring us joy, enrich our lives and allow us to connect meaningfully with others. And Groupon is here for that," company CMO Jill Balis says in a statement. "We're excited to show off this work and help people explore the thousands of fun and affordable experiences available in their communities."

Such experiences "define who we are and help us live our best life," adds FCB Chicago creative lead Andrés Ordóñez. That message comes through, communicated in stunningly silly style. They nailed it. Handily.

One question remains: Does the concept have legs? *Claps at woeful wordplay.*

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