For 24 Hours, DuPont Is Livestreaming the Creation of a Prosthetic Hand

It's part of a rebrand from R/GA

Today, R/GA helps relaunch the 217-year-old DuPont brand with a multichannel campaign that focuses on how the company's offerings help improve people's lives in the here and now. 

Anchoring the push is a 90-second film in which various elements—clock readouts, news headlines, the quality of sunlight—change depending on each viewer's location and the time of day they watch the video. On the spot's launch day, June 17, it features live, real-time footage of a 3D-printed prosthetic hand being built with DuPont technology for a child in need. 

See the spot here.

Moving forward, recorded images of the hand's creation will replace the live-stream. 

This marks the brand's first big push since the April separation of DowDuPont into three companies: DuPont, which makes advanced plastics and other chemical products; Dow, which makes polyethylene, silicone and related materials; and Corteva, an agri-business specialist. 

Seeking to humanize the brand, the work emphasizes DuPont's role in the manufacture of battery packs for electric cars, probiotics for gut health, medical packaging, flame-resistant clothing for firefighters and sundry other helpful items. 

Indeed, DuPont could use an image boost—right now, in real time!—as recent coverage of pesticide testing on beagles (by Corteva before the companies split), and legal action in New Jersey (alleging the company caused environmental contamination) took a heavy toll. 

"The power of essential innovation is that it delivers today, improving people's lives around the world," says DuPont communications chief Barbara Pandos, who adds that the campaign serves as "a reminder that our innovations are everywhere around us, right now, and powerfully celebrates the materials that make a meaningful difference for our customers and in the industries we serve."



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