13 Creepy Things Are Lurking in This Honda Ad. Can You Spot Them?

Grip Limited's Halloween version of 'I Spy'

There are lots of little branded Halloween gags happening today. Some are better than others, but we enjoyed the simplicity and craft of this effort from Honda in Canada. 

Working with agency Grip Limited, the automaker posted a photo of a Civic Type R online. But there's a lot more to the pic than immediately meets the eye. It turns out the agency hid 13 creepy elements in the picture. 

"The Honda Type R is a monster, but there are others that lurk in the shadows," the brand said. "Try and find all 13 ... if you dare." 

Click/tap on the image below to open up a large version of the photo. It's best viewed in mobile, where you can zoom in. So, have at it!

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd is editor in chief of the Clio Awards, editor of Muse by Clio, and host of the podcast Tagline. He is the former creative editor of Adweek.

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