What's Up in Thailand? Vaping Rodents, Air Drummers and UFOs

With Robinson, BunBun and Snack Jack

We love viewing the extended versions of campaigns. This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World brings us a half-dozen captivating long-form efforts from Thailand. Brace yourself for an incredible air drummer, a vaping rodent and a potential alien invasion. Stick around until the end, because each campaign delivers a rewarding payoff.

Robinson, 'The Air Drummer'

There's a young girl in need, and her family is well aware of it. Determined to provide her with the perfect solution, mom embarks on a journey to a Robinson department store. Discover what she brings home in this captivating tale by Wolf BKK.

BunBun, 'The Unexpected'

What begins as a breakup between a young couple quickly devolves into BunBun Snack insanity. This offbeat film by Hakuhodo demonstrates that appearances can be deceiving, revealing that no one and nothing are quite what they seem.

ROV, 'RaHu Eclipse Immortal Lauriel'

Introducing RaHu Eclipse Immortal Lauriel, the newest character skin in the popular ROV (Realm of Valor) game. ROV Thailand joined forces with Sunday Creative House to craft an eerie and immersive narrative with traditional Thai singing. This sets the stage for a chilling revenge story about beings imprisoned in stones. Thai singer Engfa Waraha takes the lead role.

THPF, 'The Experimental'

BBDO Bangkok and Mum Films teamed up with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to shed light on the growing risks of trendy e-cigarettes. Through captivating 3D animation, the work vividly illustrates the impact of nicotine on the brain, with the action centered around Sunny, an e-cig-smoking lab critter.

Snack Jack, 'Think Positive: UFO'

This clever and deadpan campaign by Adapter Digital Agency begins with the appearance of a saucer-shaped craft above Bangkok. As government officials and international experts grapple with how to respond, a boy steps in and asks a simple yet crucial question that saves the day.

Five Star Chicken, 'The Movies Made (From) Us'

This extra-long-form entry from Five Star Chicken and BBDO Bangkok takes a unique approach. Ideas were solicited from people on the street, encompassing all generations, and every suggestion was incorporated into the commercial. The outcome is a whirlwind of creativity, featuring ghosts, farmers, villains and the iconic Chicken Butt dance, resulting in a delightfully over-the-top production.

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