Great Baseball Ads, Just in Time for the MLB Playoffs

Astros, Jeter, Latin stars and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World fills a lineup card with baseball-themed gems. Some ads are new, others ran a while back. But they're all crackerjack entries to stoke up fans as MLB playoff teams begin their march toward the World Series.

H-E-B, 'Houston Astros - Epic Stash'

The Houston Astros revive one of baseball's finest traditions: the epic mustache. In this H-E-B. commercial created by Preacher, the players contemplate whether it's a "stache" or an "stash," adding a twist to the facial-hair style long associated with America's pastime.

Louisville Slugger, 'Silver Standard'

Louisville Slugger takes an innovative approach to its 2023 Silver Slugger Awards honoring the game's best hitters. Crafted by Doe-Anderson, the work recounts the history of the prize in a style designed to excite young fans. Voiced by the legendary Bob Costas.

Remezcla, 'Fuera Del Ballpark'

MLB teamed up with Remezcla, a digital media company dedicated to Latinx youth, to launch a documentary series. The work shows how the game and its Latin stars inspire diverse subcultures that extend far beyond the confines of the baseball diamond.

American Family Insurance, 'Grati2ude'

American Family Insurance honors Yankees Hall of Famer Derek Jeter in a life-spanning series of heartfelt (and often heartwarming) videos. Remember, "With the right support, any dream is possible."

Betfried, 'They Were Wrong'

This entertaining campaign by rEvolution humorously illustrates that Betfried's sports-betting talents may not translate to the actual field of play.

MLB, 'More steals? More hits? More action?'

Finally, an all-star roster of bobbleheads nod and nod then nod some more to Yello's "Oh Yeah."

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