These Great Ads From Argentina Feature A.I., Probing Fingers and Puffy-Chair People

Globant, HSBC, Philco and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on Argentina. A range of work that sparkles with creativity and craft presents dancing puffy-chair people, the ultimate buzzword and a product guarantee just in case the machines take over.

Lalcec, 'Don't Fear the Finger'

Grey and Lalcec urge men to sign up for annual prostate exams. A catchy tune and bright tone create an upbeat, reassuring atmosphere.

Flow Telecom, 'Lolla Flow Streaming'

Get ready to groove with this high-energy jam from agency Don and Flow Telecom. There's dancing and more dancing to dope beats. Even the puffy-chair people bust moves. (Who the heck are they, anyway?)

Globant, 'Stuck in Consultancy—I, A.I.'

This entry in the popular series from GUT uses sarcasm to expose consultancies that wish to jump into the A.I. world with inadequate prep. "How about multi-crypto GPT mega-A.I.?" is a mantra for our times.

Philco, 'Hermit'

A hermit who used to be a scientist says machines are bad. We all know that already. This effort from Don falls into the "Well, that was weird!" category. Bottom line: "Don't worry. If the machines rebel, we'll give you your money back." (Perhaps a better mantra than Globant's.)

HSBC, 'Dear Customer'

The bank teamed up with David Buenos Aires to raise awareness and educate viewers about how cybercriminals operate. Avoid being a victim (without becoming a hermit!).

AIMA, 'Diego'

Agency From reminds Argentines of a tragic event. Casting Maradona and using soccer as a vehicle brings everyone closer together.

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